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March 3, 2006

UV Black Light Pen — Episode 2: 'This really could be... used to write secret messages!'


That's what it says right here.

From the website:

    Authenticate Secure Documents — Write Secret Messages

    This really could be a toy... used to write secret messages.

    But it is really a great tool to help identify original documents.

    UV Blacklight Pen Set includes:

    • UV Blacklight Pen

    • 3 Batteries

    • 2 Invisible ink cartridges

    Invisible Ink Pen on one side: Black Light on the other side

    • Use to view "hidden fibers" in Document Security Paper

    • Use to view "UV Security Ink" Printed on Document Security Paper

    • Use to write and view hidden messages



$6 complete.

[Episode 1 is here]

[via Shawn Lea and everythingandnothing]


Addendum: You will note, should you go back to Episode 1, that I ended with an appeal for a source for the nifty pens featured.

Shawn Lea has done it once again.

You can buy the Elephant Pen here; the Dolphin here; and the Rocket version here.

But wait: there's more.

Shawn's source brings them to us not for the $9.99 list price but for a very sweet $4.99 apiece.

You GO girl!

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How much! Our local Poundland has 'em - that's about a dollar-seventyfive, I guess. If you can't find any, Shawn Lea, let me know and I'll post you some.

Posted by: Skipweasel | Mar 3, 2006 5:05:59 PM

Hi, Matt. I came up with nothing on the search engine route also. I asked the company for a list of online retailers. They gave me a list of about six online retailers but didn't tell me if the companies carried the specific product we were looking for (and they carry a lot of products).

I was, honestly, a bit disheartened by my fruitless efforts on the search engines and was not too thrilled at the prospect of clicking through the list of sites just to see if they had something that surely would have shown up on a search engine.

The links Joe gave above were from about the third site I looked on from the list. I typed in "black light pen" on their Web search engine...nothing. But I figured I might as well look around a little while since I was there already and had already wasted too much time searching for this now-silly-seeming black light topper pen thingie that had something of a Holy Grail (and a mirror) for me. I was just clicking around...and it appeared, like a mirage. I had to hit refresh a few times just to make sure that it really existed.

Long story short...this particular Web site only searched the TITLES of their items when you entered a term. And they were not showing up in Google or Yahoo! at all because I had entered the exact term and too many variants too many times. The moral of this short long story is that even today access to a search engine does not guarantee access to usable information in all circumstances. Sometimes we're still stuck doing old-fashioned leg work even in this meta-tagged world.

(The other moral being that I am most likely very near certifiable just because I was determined to find out about this elusive topper just because it was HARD TO FIND. And the harder it got, the more I wanted to find it. All I can say is it's a good thing I found it fairly quickly or I might be flying out to Can You Imagine headquarters today!) ;)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Mar 3, 2006 2:52:08 PM

I tried to find them last night also. Bupkis for a result.

Hey Shawn! What search terms did you use?

In every haystack waits the needle of discovery.

How to get to it is the quest.

Color me curious (peach, not yellow).

Posted by: mattp9 | Mar 3, 2006 2:22:02 PM

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