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April 7, 2006

bookofjoe on RuleTheWorld


It happened yesterday.

All because of joehead Matt Penning.

Here's how it went down.

Wednesday evening Matt emailed me a link to Alex King's new website (it went live on January 20 of this year), RuleTheWorld.com.

He thought it was pretty cool and so did I.

I figured I'd email Alex and suggest bookofjoe for one of his Award Blocks — you know I'm not shy.

I have many failings but that's not one of them.

Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning to find the following email from Alex:

    Hello Joe,

    I like your blog!

    So I'm giving you an Award block.

    Just choose a free block in the map and send me a 10x10 gif/jpg that represents your site.



    Rule The World



I accepted on behalf of my readers and I'd like to thank the Academy... wait a minute... that's not right.


I sent him a 10x10 pixel circle in my signature green color: I couldn't figure out how to get "bookofjoe" into that space.

Alex put me up and I'm now broadcasting live, 24/7, from RuleTheWorld.


Can you find me?

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Yankees Limited Edition iPod Case


OK, Yankee fans — your case is in.

From the website:

    XtremeMac Yankees Iconz Sport MLB Case for 30GB/60GB 5G iPod Video

    The perfect way to suit up your tunes.

    Each of these officially licensed designs will only be available for a limited time.

    A fan favorite, these durable collector's series cases are molded to the exact specifications of the iPod with video.

    Each Iconz Sport features team graphics on the front and a translucent back.

    They protect against nicks and scratches with built-in screen and Click Wheel protection.

    • Durable construction

    • Officially licensed design

    • Personalizes iPod with your favorite team

    • Part of the Major League Baseball Collector Series

    • Protects iPod, screen and Click Wheel from nicks and scratches

    • Play-through Click Wheel protection

    • Built-in screen protection

    • Translucent back


But what if you've got a Nano?

No problema: there's one for you too.



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bookofjoe reader Karl Zipser says one of the Michelangelo drawings currently on exhibit at the British Museum is a fake


"A Seated Male Nude Twisting Around" (above) is the drawing whose provenance is questioned by Zipser.

Who is Karl Zipser and why should we believe him?

Long story short: he received his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, in 1995; his research was on visual perception.

Here is a link to his essay, "Michelangelo Drawings: Real of Fake?"

Zipser emailed me yesterday and informed me of his findings, which I find most provocative.

Something to keep in mind when you come to this drawing should you be fortunate enough to attend the show "Michelangelo Drawings: Closer to the Master" at the British Museum before it closes on June 25.

Welcome aboard, Karl.

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Helpful Hints from joe–eeze: Put your computer keyboard in the dishwasher to clean it


No, this is not a belated April's Fool's post.

I read the advice above in Terri Sapienza's article in yesterday's Washington Post Home section and I must admit I was somewhat taken aback.

The cleaning tip (below, just as it appeared in the paper)


was one of many provided by Kristin Demoranville of the Geek Squad, Best Buy's in–home and in–office tech service.

Wrote Sapienza, "Demoranville said keyboards can even go in the dishwasher. Here's how: After shaking out any liquid or crumbs, wrap the cord around the board and stick it in the dishwasher. Set dishwasher to basic cleaning setting but do not add soap. After the cycle, lay the board upside down on a towel for 24 hours."

"'It's about 85 percent effective,' says Demoranville. (For the record, we have not had the guts to try this technique)."

Here is my question: what exactly does "85 percent effective" mean?

That after you run your keyboard through the dishwasher it will still work 85 percent of the time?

Why do I not think that's all that great an outcome?

I know, I know — don't be so negative, don't be a hater.


But I will say this in closing: I won't be calling the Geek Squad anytime soon.

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Men in tights: NBA just says 'No'


Dwyane Wade (above and below),


LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are among the NBA stars who've worn full–length tights in games this season.

James told Brian Windhorst of the Akron [Ohio] Beacon Journal, in a story last weekend, that "I don't see a reason why" they're being banned by the NBA starting next season.

James continued, "Guys are not wearing them just because they're trying to make a fashion statement because they're not cute at all."


Rather, said James, "They're comfortable and they kept my legs warm. When you have a knee injury or a leg injury, your leg can get stiffed up [sic] and go cold again. I need to look good when I play and I didn't look good when I had those on."

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Instant Hammock: Become 'Lord of the Cubicle Farm' — Overnight


Sure, you'll have to move the furniture around a bit to make accomodations but what a way to make a statement.

Probably your last.

From the website:

    Portable Hammock

    Hammock sets up without a tree for miles!

    In the backyard, park or at the pool, take a break in luxury.

    Why sit in chairs that stick to you or chaise lounges that collapse?

    Portable hammock cradles you with lots of elbow and leg room!

    Nylon sling on steel frame holds up to 220 lbs.

    Assembles to 88" x 32" x 25".

    Includes carry bag.

    Weighs 12 lbs.


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bookofjoe can make you rich


Sure, you laugh — when pigs fly.


Anyway, you scoff.

Well, guess what?

Jacques–Paul Rozand, creator of the Spaghetti Plate (above and below), featured here on February 7 of this year, isn't scoffing.

Here's the email I received from him last evening:

    Thanks for everything Joe.

    People are telling me I am going to be a millionaire before Christmas 2006.

    I am going to retire this year, age 33.

    Your friend,


I recall his initial email to me a couple months ago: he was discouraged, depressed and saw himself at a complete impasse as to getting word of his wonderful invention out to the world at large.


In a last gasp effort he contacted me and told me about it.

The rest, as you can read above, is history.

So perhaps the next time I feature some half–baked creation from my own fevered pea brain or from one of my wonderfully creative readers around the world you won't snicker quite as loudly.

I know I won't.

I've decided to name this new arm of bookofjoe "Bizarro World adVenture Capital."

See, the idea is that I take your idea and bring it to the world's attention: you get rich and I get nothing.


If that isn't Bizarro World enough for you then I don't know what is.

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Before what?


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