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April 21, 2006

If Edvard Munch were a barista...


[via El Diablo Coffee Company and nonplatonic.com]

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The Leash™ — Now nothing need ever come between you and your cellphone


From the website:

    The Leash™

    With The Leash you’ll never drop or lose your cell phone, PDA, MP3 player or other handheld device again.

    Discourages theft too.

    Simply attach the adhesive loop to the back of the device, then clip the leash to your belt, bag or backpack.

    To use, just unsnap and pull.

    When finished, The Leash retracts


    until next use.

    Plastic and metal.


Not recommended for wet work.


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St. Louis Walk of Fame


Not nearly as well known as Hollywood's but I think you'd be surprised, should you take a stroll, who's on it.

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Swoon Seat — Episode 2: Price Break


Just in, news that this estimable new chair is now available for $99, down from the original price of $119.95.

You may recall that Episode 1 back on April 13 remarked on the terrible name — "Curvaceous Chaise" — chosen for its world premiere.

I'm not sure if "Comfort-Lite Portable Lounger" is much of an improvement.

Me, I'm sticking with what got me here.

Bonus: along with the new lower price comes a fashionable new color: taupe (top left).

The new pricing renames the remaining colors red, yellow or blue.

I guess once the price drops under $100 you can forget about fancy ones like crimson, lemon and blue curacao.

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Mysteries of the Internet — Episode 1: Why does the price of a PowerSquid™ range from $9.99 to $25.99?


How can that be?


I mean, you won't find a new Camry selling elsewhere in the country for over two-and-a-half times what it costs at the cheapest dealer.


So how do businesses get away with the nonsense seen on Froogle when you search for a PowerSquid extension cord?


That's much more mysterious to me than the fact that iPods and Bose QuietComfort headphones are always the same price.


Of course, price fixing is illegal — so Apple and Bose just make it perfectly clear that if resellers of their products start discounting from the "preferred" — i.e., don't even think about reducing it — price, well, they can say good-bye to ever carrying Apple or Bose products in the future.


I mean, the way I see it I could buy PowerSquids from Fry's for $9.99 a pop, then open up shop and resell them for $25.99 — reduced from the regular price of $39.99 [!] — just like iKitchen and make some serious cash.

I'm just saying.

[Thanks to Fritz Araya for the Fry's tip]

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Tray Mate 3


Where was I when #'s 1 & 2 came and went?

And, for that matter, my crack research team?

This is precisely the sort of thing we like here and yet there was no evidence they ever twigged to the furious pace of innovation in the clip–on tray space.

I'll address this failure, you can bet your bottom dollar.


From the website:

    Tray Mate 3

    This multipurpose tray adjusts to fit most outdoor furniture for instant table space.

    Its unique clamping method attaches quickly and easily without using tools or causing damage.

    It's easy-care, weather-resistant and perfect for snacking, reading, writing or hobbies.

    Durable, molded plastic.

    13"L x 9"W x 1-1/2"D.

$9.99 (sunglasses and Dr. Pepper not included).

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They Never Were Found — by Josephine Jacobsen

The odd, the inward turned, the isolated:
The old gent who raises cats in his bedroom;
(A bright-eyed folk, quick through the doors
And made happy by fish);
Mr. Fleet who converses with his dead daughter
Over boiled milk on the kitchen range at midnight;
The elderly lady in the sailor hat
Who rides a scooter to the bank
From which she withdraws a little—only a very little.
She has a fat and shining balance in that bank
On the day when, the milk being accumulated,
Neighbors force the lock:
The air bad, no furniture, but three great piles of rubbish;
On the third the mistress of the house, quite dead by starving.

This was their fort-life, beleaguered, unallied—
One by his stove,
One on her scooter,
One in the dangerous company of his cats.

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Portable Pastel Color Toilet Seat Cover


Because who knows who was there before you?

From the website:

    Toilet Seat Covers

    Put a lid on shockingly cold hard seats!

    Cover form-fits with inner plastic rim to keep it in place.

    Fits standard rounds and ovals.

    90% acrylic, 10% polyester.

    Machine wash.

Your choice of blue, green, tan, pink, ivory or just–added yellow or rose.


I envision a wall with each person's personal cover hanging on a hook below their name.

We'll call it the "Wall of [Butt] Claim."

Ya like?

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