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April 22, 2006

BehindTheMedspeak: Horseback Riding Exercise Machine — Episode 3: We have a contender


"Two [horseback riding exercise] machines enter — one leaves."

That's what I'm hearing right this very second out back by the skunk works where we keep our Thunderdome for throwdowns like this.

Sure breaks up the monotony around here.

But I digress.

From OSIM® comes the iGallop™ Core and Abs Exerciser.

Jeez, wasn't it only two weeks ago that Panasonic finally unveiled its Core Trainer?

These people are faster than the fashion crowd at getting their low–priced copies out there.

From the website:

    Looking good and feeling great just became a whole lot easier.

    Ride your way to fitness with iGallop!

    The OSIM iGallop is the revolutionary exerciser that can help you shape and tone your tummy, hips, seat and thighs.

    Best of all, iGallop™ is fun to ride!

    The secret is in its zero-impact, tri-axial riding action.

    Your body automatically responds to its multidirectional movements to maintain balance.

    This constant balancing by your body engages certain muscle groups and may help improve balance, coordination and posture.

    Zero-impact, tri-axial action — Your body automatically responds to multidirectional movements to maintain balance. This constant balancing engages muscle groups in your abs, back, hips, seat and legs — and may help improve balance, coordination and posture.

    Three levels of speed and intensity — Choose the Trot program to warm up, Gallop for extended toning/shaping or Race for a truly invigorating workout.

    Circuit program — Switches between the three speeds at random intervals, enhancing the shaping and toning effects of iGallop as muscle groups respond to continual changes in motion.

    Sturdy construction — iGallop is built to last and its attractive contemporary design looks good in any room of your home.


You may recall that the Panasonic costs $1,995.95.

OSIM has succeeded in roping theirs (top and below)


in for less than one–third the price: $599.

Who will leave the dome?

And after the winner exits, it would probably be a good thing to let Debra Winger (below, with her favorite cowboy)


and Prince know about this new approach to the riding space.

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Magnetic Organizer Bar


From the website:

    Snap — just that quickly you have a wide towel rack on your fridge, stove or dishwasher.

    A strong magnet is the secret - can't scratch metal surfaces yet it clings tightly.

    Underneath are seven convenient hooks for hanging keys, pot holders, oven mitts, etc.

    High strength white plastic.

    14"W x 2-1/4"H x 2-1/4"D.


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SpoofCard — Attention CIA kids


So much going on in this spy space I felt it best to just post and then let you take it from here.

Way above my TechnoDolt™ pay grade but not yours.

From the website:

    World's Smartest Calling Card

    It can disguise your voice, record your calls and fake your caller ID!

    If you ever need to protect or disguise your identity over the phone, SpoofCard is all you need to do the trick.

    It allows you to easily change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call.

    And it also lets you change your voice to male or female when making a call.

    With this feature activated, you simply speak in your normal tone — but the person on the other end will hear a normal-sounding but different voice!

    SpoofCard also lets you record any conversation and easily access it later by logging in to your online control panel or calling our 800 number from anywhere.

    SpoofCard works from any phone and on any call within the U.S.


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Color-Cycling LED Frisbee


From the website:

    Disc-O LED Frisbee

    Techno Saucer Lights up the Night with Spectacular Color

    You'll fill the night sky with dazzling light and color when you toss this new techno toy.

    It looks like an ordinary Frisbee at first glance (below).


    But flip the switch to turn it on, send it sailing, and see how spectacular the latest model has become!

    Embedded with a small microprocessor inside a multi-colored LED bulb, the entire disc becomes illuminated when airborne.

    Colors cycle through the spectrum and continuously change (top) while the disc is in motion.

    Crafted at the perfect throwing weight of 185g, it has optimal balance and stability.

    Toss with confidence at the beach — it's water-resistant and floats!

    Uses two lithium batteries.

    10-1/2" diameter.


An official selection of the bookofjoe home planet.

Brings a tear to my Earth eye, so homesick does it make me.


But I digress.

$24.95 (batteries included).

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Airtrax Omnidirectional Forklift — 'As big an advance as the wheel'


That's more or less the gist of what the narrator says at the beginning of the of the video showing off the capabilities of this amazing machine (above).

Rob tipped me off about Airtrax in his comment on the ForkLiftTrader.com post of April 12.

    He wrote:

    If you want to check out a cool forklift look at the demo video at airtrax.com.

    This company makes the world's only omni-directional forklift (and it can climb over some pretty impressive stuff) using patents formerly owned by the U.S. Navy.

I must say that watching that big forklift move sideways like it was moonwalking was pretty darn impressive.

Airtrax — The Official Omnidirectional Forklift of bookofjoe.

[via Rob and gotpong.com]

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Ergonomic Rolling Pin


    From the website:

    This 10" Ergonomic Rolling Pin was designed with upright offset handles to promote a natural grasp while providing more leverage.

    The outer diameter of the handles is 1.25" to make them easier to hold.

    The handles extend your reach and make the rolling action easier on your back and shoulders.


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Fun with science at bookofjoe


From time to time readers email me pictures.

Occasionally, just for the heck of it and to break up the atmosphere of gloom and despair that generally prevails here at bookofjoe World Headquarters, I print one out and put it up in front of the TV in my treadmill office (above).

Just now I was looking at today's picture when I noticed that it wasn't supported by anything solid: it appeared to be floating.

What's that all about?, I wondered.

Now, you need to know that I was — and am, even as I conduct my scientific investigation of what might be, after all, the new cold fusion — listening to DirecTV's light classical channel (866) as I usually do in the morning.

It's actually XM satellite radio now that DirecTV has partnered with XM but please — try to stay on subject, OK?


Anyway, there's nothing to see on the screen when the music channels are playing on TV so that's why I put up my picture then.

I approached the screen and pulled the piece of paper away from it — but not before noticing that the picture wanted to stay on the glass.

It was attracted to the TV.

I never learned that paper was magnetic, or glass for that matter.

So you see there is a whole new world of physics out there just waiting for the 21st century to bring it into focus.

I proceeded with all due diligence to perform a careful analysis of the situation.

It turns out that the attractive force does not require a functioning TV: the paper adhered even after I unplugged it.

I looked carefully at the screen but noticed no peanut butter and/or jelly residue that might account for this mysterious paper adhesion.

I next attempted to quantitate the power of the force.

It turns out that the TV — a 13" Sony cathode ray tube version, model #KV-13FS100 which, if you want to be like me you can purchase for $179.99 here [super picture and sound, by the way] — produces enough force to hold against its glass front two (2) sheets of 8.5" x 11" Epson Premium Bright White paper along with the single staple (Swingline model #35450, $2.95 for a box of 5,000 here) holding the two sheets together.

You will want to know that the weight of the materials described above (paper + staple) = 10 grams (0.35 oz.).

What could this strange force be?

Is it, perhaps, a smidge of the dark energy


said to make up 65% of the universe?

I wonder what Lisa Randall thinks.

Stay tuned.

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Wicked Witch Legs Door Draft Stopper


From the website:

    Who needs ruby slippers?

    This true-to-Dorothy draft stopper is an irresistible touch in any home.

    Perfectly stitched in soft polyester, an exacting replica of the Wicked Witch of the East's gams down to the bow on her shoes.

    8"H x 35"W.


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