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April 6, 2006

Digital Trumpet


A lot going in the embouchure space.

    From the website:

    This digital trumpet generates over 20 instrument sounds and allows musicians to perfect valve fingering, tempo, notes, and key changes before learning to master breath control and mouthpiece placement with an actual brass trumpet.

    It has a powerful built-in speaker, and the internal memory chips can generate over 20 sounds, including seven trumpets, eight brass instruments (including the tuba and trombone), five woodwinds (including oboe and clarinet), strings, and a synthesized human voice.

    By simply humming or singing into the mouthpiece, you create accurate notes and tones, with the option of playing along to accompanying songs; 10 songs are pre-loaded (including Respect and When the Saints Go Marching In) and more can be added to the internal memory using the included software.

    A training mode uses illuminated LEDs, allowing you to follow lighted valve cues, and the accompaniment will slow down or pause to give you time to achieve correct tempo.

    Has MIDI in/out and headphone jacks.

    AC adapter included; can also be powered by four AA batteries (not included).

    9"H x 7-1/2"W x 25"L.

    6 lbs.


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The U.S. Armed Forces uses a similar instrument to make up for the dearth of trained buglers. I recently attended a gravesite ceremony where an elderly Veteran put one up to his lips and pressed the button to sound out "Taps" Almost realistic. Sad really, on top of sadness. 3 months earlier the spouse of the Veteran had died and a real bugler sounded out the honor.

Posted by: mattp9 | Apr 6, 2006 3:48:08 PM

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