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April 5, 2006

Pruning Drop Cloth


Advanced technology in the garden.

I like it.

From the very finest horticultural engineers on the planet comes this not earthshaking but, rather, ground–protecting breakthrough.

Says the website:

    It's Like Taking Your Plants to a Barber

    Wrap the large 7 ft. x 7 ft. Pruning Drop Cloth around your outdoor shrubs or indoor plants to catch trimmings and eliminate messy cleanup.

    It's nearly impossible to pick up all the clippings that result from pruning your shrubs and plants.


    With the Pruning Drop Cloth you can protect your costly ground cover the same way your barber protects your clothing from your hair clippings.

    Makes cleanup a snap.

    Made of canvas.


Now, there are those of you out there — yes, you: I'm looking right at you, deep into your eyes like George Bush likes to do with Putin and all — who are saying to yourselves, just a flippin' minute.

I could do that with an old blanket or sheet or a piece of plastic.

You could — but that wouldn't be right.

Because the inventors of the Pruning Drop Cloth won't make a rupee or a renminbi if you go ahead and make your own instead of dropping your hard–earned money on their signature production.

The choice is yours, as the guy in the classic Fram oil filter commercial was wont to say: you can buy it here for $22.50 or you can make your own later.

I know what I'm gonna do.

Look in the mirror and see if you still like yourself.

I do — like you, I mean, and I don't even have access to your mirror.

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