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April 24, 2006

Velcro Buttons


Designed for the disabled but excellent for everyone.

Seems to me the perfect solution for small children who want to dress themselves but whose hand and finger skills haven't yet caught up with their heads.

From the website:

    Velcro Buttons

    Replace the buttons on your shirt with Velcro

    Velcro fasteners eliminate the struggle with shirt buttons.

    One-handed buttoning couldn't be easier.

    If you have shirts that have buttons but getting the button through the hole is a problem for you, these special buttons may be just the alternative you've been looking for.

    It's easy to convert your shirts:

    • Put the Velcro-backed button through the button hole and sew the backing onto the shirt (on the button hole side)

    • Remove the old button, then sew the second Velcro piece onto the shirt positioned where the button used to be (opposite the first piece of Velcro)

    • The fasteners allow you easy closure simply by pressing the Velcro tapes together.

    • They fit most standard button holes and are machine washable.

Note that the buttons are only available in white.

However, many craft stores offer button covers that simply snap onto the existing button.

"Another idea is to decorate the buttons with hobby paints."


A pack of 10 white buttons affixed to Velcro costs $9.99.

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