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May 15, 2006

Nine attempts to clone a poem — by Jason Nelson


It's one of many strangely interesting pages on his website.

Others include:

• Hermeticon

• This is how you will die

• Netbehaviour Online Residency


• The Bomar Gene Promiscuous Design

• Speech to Text Poetics

• Uncontrollable Semantics


• Hymns of the Drowning Swimmer

• Dreamaphage (no 2)

• Locomotives and Creatures


• Conversation

• Technatomy

• Dreamaphage


• this will be the end of you: play6: four variable creation

• Superstitious Appliances

• this will be the end of you: play4, within within


• this will be the end of you: play 7: genetic code

• this will be the end of you: play 3: and the last machine with moving parts.

• this will be the end of you: play1: chemistry or(Ending1)


• Panhandle

• Plush

• Another Emotion


• A tracing

• Coalesce and Ennead

• In an Unrelated Sequence Comes


• Blur

• Series Poems

• Machine Poems


• Gorgeous Oaks

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Planter Chair — Duchampian Time-Slip?


From the website:

    Chair Planter

    Cozy Seating for Plants

    Creating country charm on porches and patios is as easy as pulling up a plant chair.

    The bow-back, spindle design of this flowerpot holder echoes classic colonial seating.

    Open base securely holds a standard 6" pot.

    Crafted of wrought iron with a powder-coat finish.

    15-3/4"H x 7-1/4"W.

C'est drôle.

$29.95 (pot and plant not included).

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WebWarper — Internet Optimizer


This site lost me before I finished the opening sentence of its home page, which reads as follows: "WebWarper is a multifunctional Internet service with web interface. Basic service function for now is saving user traffic. WebWarper also protects from viruses, anonymizes (hides user visits to sites), and, in some cases, can accelerate Internet access."

But just because my peabrain can't cope with stuff like that above doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits.

Full disclosure: the site's spacey graphic (below)


reminded of my home planet.

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World's Smallest Pruning Shears


Just arrived from Lilliput — a bookofjoe exclusive.

From the website:

    World's Smallest Pruning Shears!

    Don't let their size fool you - they're ideal for tending indoor houseplants, snipping a wayward leaf or some homegrown herbs, even keeping a favorite bonsai in tip-top shape.

    Palm-size pruner tucks easily into a drawer, gardening apron or pocket until you need it.

    Metal blades with comfort-grip handle.

    Approximately 4-1/2" L.


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'Shopgirl' and 'Match Point'


I watched these two films on successive nights on DVD and enjoyed each one.

The lusciousness of a window into the upper crust lifestyle of the British and famous made 'Match Point' much more enjoyable to me, I must say.

The best thing about 'Shopgirl' is Jason Schwartzman's ditsy wanna-be boyfriend, with his somewhat Asperger-ish behavior.

Scarlet Johansson, as always, shows why having her in a film guarantees its success.


For a while Jonathan Rhys Meyers reminded me of the young Malcolm McDowell in both his barely-concealed rage-against-the-poverty-machine ambition and his appearance but after a while you could see why he's a heartthrob in the classic matinee-idol sense as opposed to McDowell's "rough lad" appeal.

Emily Mortimer plays the same character as always, an insecure, winsome lass who's oh so sweet but ever so innocent in the ways of the world such that her lot always seems to be pain not of her own making.

She's the female Mark Ruffalo.

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Official Gun N' Roses Candle


Too bad nobody told Axel and the boys about it but no matter — they'll twig eventually.

Meanwhile, back at the website....

    Yes, this is a candleholder — but not like any you’ve ever seen before!

    Hundreds of flickering lights appear as if by magic, created from a single candle and four smoked glass mirrors.

    The secret?

    One-way mirrors like they use in police line-ups!

    Creates an enchanting and intriguing effect on a table, mantle, nightstand, bathroom, entryway — anywhere — and is delightful when used with a scented candle for aromatherapy.

    Measures 8" x 4" x 4".


bookofjoe design tip: lose the included base and you'll have a far more stylish light show.


$19.95 (votive candle included).

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Simple and useful.

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Gap Cap


How many wonderful photos, cartoons, fortune cookie prophecies and other incunabula have fallen down the narrow gap between my refrigerator and kitchen counter over the years?

You lift a magnet for just a sec to find the Domino's Pizza phone number and before you can say Bob's your uncle, another treasure takes a swan dive.

Must be a veritable time machine down there amongst the dust bunnies, raisins, coffee beans and goodness knows what else has gone to ground.

Never again.

That's right: I'm just saying no [more].

You can too with a Gap Cap.

From the website:

    Gap Caps

    This long metal strip is for one purpose only: beautifully filling that gap between your counter and stove.

    It's aluminum, with a long refrigerator-type magnet hidden inside to grip your stove's edge.

    It adjusts easily and pops off for cleaning.

    20-1/2"L x 1-1/2"W.


Sure, they say it's for the space between your stove and counter but I'll bet you it'll mind the gap by my fridge quite nicely.

Full disclosure: I went wild.

I remember reading how Jackie O, when she found a sweater she liked, would buy one in every color so I pulled a Jackie O and bought three Gap Caps, one each in almond, aluminum and white.

I figure I'll use the one that looks best and then auction off the other two on eBay for an exorbitant amount of money.

Or maybe I'll offer them as prizes in some brain-dead contest I've yet to think up.

Stay tuned.

Gap Caps cost $2.29.

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