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May 26, 2006

'Creativity without waste is impossible' — Alexander Liberman


The longtime creative director of first Vogue magazine and later the entire Condé Nast empire made this remark in an interview.

Just so.

A surgeon who never removes a normal appendix is not a good surgeon.

That is because the practice of waiting until appendicitis is floridly present causes more patients to end up with peritonitis and its dreaded complications than if they underwent surgery when more subtle signs and symptoms were present.

I would go further than Liberman and say that a huge amount of waste — in both time and treasure — is required if anything worthwhile is to result.

But hey — that's just my opinion.

And opinions are like... well, you know how it goes.

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'Yahoo, eBay Join Forces'


The funniest thing I've seen in today's papers was the headline above, over an Associated Press story about yesterday's announcement that the two internet titans will henceforth work together in an attempt to stem the mighty Google tide washing over them both.


The graphics above and below are how I view the outcome after considering the corporate math.


What a joke.

Two foreign cultures like these, each with its own ethos and structures, have as much chance of gaining from a combination as a spider and a man have of becoming some kind of hybrid that has the powers of both.


Wait a minute....

What is the sound of deck chairs being moved about the deck of the Titanic?

Yeah — that's it.

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Michelle Rodriguez — Like her or loathe her, she's real


The star of "Lost" and Girlfight" yesterday surrendered her freedom in exchange for 60 days in the Los Angeles County jail, the result of a probation violation from an earlier drunk driving arrest.

Just last month she went to jail in Honolulu as a result of yet another conviction on the same charge.

What's fascinating to me about Ms. Rodriguez is that she chooses prison over probation: the judge in Hawaii offered her community service instead of jail and she rejected the service, saying she'd prefer just serving her time and being done with it rather than have months and months of ongoing obligations.

I cannot imagine choosing to surrender my freedom and going to jail if given an alternative.

Strange woman, indeed.

I do not know of any other bold-faced name who chose prison over community service — do you?

Ms. Rodriguez is not getting good legal advice, in my opinion.

Terrible things happen in prison, even to famous people — sometimes especially so.

She now says that once she's released after finishing her current sentence, she's moving to France.

She said, ""You know, people don't bother you there. I do what I got to do. Then I leave the country and never come back."

That's nice: she can drive drunk again, kill someone and not worry about having to go to prison.

Me, I like our system better.

Keep criminals like her off the street if they can't stay sober.

I believe that people who are not psychotic — and therefore not competent — have the right to do whatever harm they choose to themselves but they have absolutely zero right to harm another person in the course of their self-destruction.

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Links of London Leather Mobile Phone Charger


I know you're not the sort of person to use a cheesy metal version so I had the crack research team search high and low for something a bit more stylish.

Bingo — from the website:

    Mobile Phone Charger

    Portable and lightweight allowing up to 2 hours talk time on an AA battery.

    Compatible with selected models from Motorola, Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens and Samsung.

In Cocoa (top) or Pumpkin leather.

£65 ($122; €96).

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Project Implicit — The power of unconscious bias in everyday life


Buried biases lead to mistakes, sometimes catastrophic.

Mahzarin Banaji is an experimental social psychologist from Harvard whose implicit association tests (IAT) have spawned a revolution in the understanding of just how it is we come to act so differently from what we say we believe.

On her IAT website


you can take a number of different tests to find out just where your hidden biases lie, and how strongly they color your actions.

So far two million people have tried them.

Most recently Banaji has been trying to discern when attitudes about race first form.

She's discovered that around age 10 unconscious and conscious attitudes split: from this age on people say they're less prejudiced than their automatic behavior reveals.

[via Sally Lehrman's article in the June, 2006 Scientific American]

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Holistic Silk Slippers


"Induce calm and relaxation to your overstressed body."

Sounds good — tell us more.

From the website:

    Therapeutic and Magnetic Massaging Slippers

    Main features:

    • Removeable inner sole

    • Fully washable

    • Textured insole massages your feet on acupressure points

    • Magnetic insole increases blood circulation

    • Magnets stimulate the dispersal of toxins in the body

    • Nishjin Pure Silk Brocade — based on 15th Century original designs

    • Flexible Faux Leather outer soles

    • Adjustable fitting with gold draw cord

    The Benefits of Wearing Holistic:

    • In-flight wear helps ward off deep vein thrombosis caused by inactivity

    • Increases blood circulation

    • Disperses toxins in the body

    • Aids relaxation and serenity by reflexology

    • Ancient alternative therapies harnessed to release tension and stress


In three women's sizes:

Small (UK 3/4, US 5/6, EU 36/37)

Medium (UK 5/6, US 7/8, EU 38/39)

Large (UK 7/8, US 9/10, EU 40/41)

In eleven colors: Silver (top), Scarlet, Pink, Blue, Bronze, Ivory, Black, Jade, Alcantara Olive, Alcantara Red and Alcantara Black.

Made in England.

£65 ($122; €96).

But wait — there's more.

    From another page of the website:

    We have it on good authority that many of todays celebs and pop stars have discovered our Holistic Silk Slippers and swear by them when they fly.

    Now we know why they look so good!

    Well... some of them anyway!

    Who ?

    • Victoria Beckham

    • Geri Halliwell

    • Zoe Ball

    • Gaby Roslin

    • Miss-teeq

    • Natalie Imbruglia

    • Sonia Rykiel

    to name but a few....



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Semapedia — 'The physical Wikipedia'


What's this?

It's a world-wide project in which people create bar codes that they then place on or near landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Pantheon.

You read the code with your cellphone and link directly to the Wikipedia entry for the location.

    From the website:

    Our goal is to connect the virtual and physical world by bringing the best information from the internet to the relevant place in physical space.

    We do this by combining the physical annotation technology of Semacode with high quality information from Wikipedia.


Kevin Kelly writes, "Nice. Also similar to Yellow Arrow."

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Chill [Out] Mat


OK, then: you've transported all your cold stuff in your nifty Therma-A-Snap bag and now you're all set for the cookout.

But how're you gonna keep your ingredients cool as they prepare for their grand entrance?

Thought you'd never ask.

From the website:

    Keep food chilled for 4 hours!

    This insulated mat will keep shrimp or fresh fruit nice and cold for several hours — without drippy ice.

    Just freeze the pack and slip it into the neoprene cover.

    • 12" square.

    • No need for a bucket of ice!

    • Use this handy mat next to the grill to keep uncooked foods safe.

    • Buy two and store one in the freezer, ready to use.

    • Keep the other one handy to heat in the microwave for use with warm food.


Official mat of the Ned Vizzini


fan club.

You can read Ned's blog here.

But I digress.

The mat costs $14.95.

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