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May 31, 2006

An open letter (actually, email) to


Michael Young asked me to forward it — indirect though this route may be (I do know with certainty that at least two people currently working for Microsoft are regular readers of bookofjoe).

Here is the email, which came in as a comment in my sidebar at 5:18:03 p.m. this past Monday.

Unlike my usual practice, I'm not going to edit it in any way: I think it serves its purpose much better in its original form, just as it was received here.

    Dear Joseph:

    A new comment has been submitted to your weblog "bookofjoe," on the post "Bill Gates' 'Think Week' — 'World's coolest suggestion box'."

    Comment from:

    Name: Michael P Young
    Email: mike@firehouseinternational.com
    URL: http://www.firehouseinternational.com


    Dear Microsoft Think Tank,

    How do you make a suggestion to your company?
    Where is your suggestion box... I had to go to Google to find a way to write to you?

    Yes of course I was all over your website. Crazy
    How do we the public simply write you?

    I think you are the best thing that ever happened to the computing industry. But that is history... how do you compete today... isolate yourself or lisson.


    I think that in 20 years+- that you could/would have improved your spell checker. Yes it is cool how it works with in the different programs, but I have to go to Google to check my spell checking or to find the correct way to spell a word. Google finds useally with in the first try.

    Note: I have many friends and alway tell my employees to go Google to check spelling and how to spell the correct word in the correct content... (intesting)

    I think your dictionary is very limmited vocabulary and was writen for 30 years ago.

    Yes, I addmite I have a learning disablity and do not see the spelling of words well, as my professors at Berkey said, I would never be able to spell well.... that is what a spell checker is for.. to help people like me... about 1/2 the population of the world..

    but you the smart people at Microsoft do not have a clue... the true needs of many of us not so balanced people who can not see or remember how to spell, of words we use everyday.

    I'm 52 years old, a business owner and write, e-mails, memo's, letters, patents, web pages and sell millions of dollars of products, every year.

    My suggestion, if you do not want to get run over by Google than you have to do as well or better than your competor.

    Your spell checker (sucks)

    *****Please broden your vocabuary and the way you your spell checker suggest words to be spelt...

    We need more words to choose from in suggestion list. Your spell checker is too foccused... get some bad spellers to help you.....

    Maybe if their is an issue with word program you should link to MSN spell checker.... hummmmmmm.

    **** Note: This is not the first time I writen Microsoft about this issue... is anybody home.

    Thank You ......... (Bill)
    Best of intentions, keep up the good work.

    Mike Young



Steve (Ballmer — what were you thinking, booboo)?



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100% in agreement with this. Granted homophones are the hardest to detect, however they do need to improve the spell checker and in all providing languages. Sure would make proofreading/editing easier as well.

Posted by: jn | May 31, 2006 4:19:49 PM

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