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May 28, 2006

Anna Rognvaldsdottir — bookofjoe's Iceland correspondent — on SportZjam submersible wireless headphones


Her email report came in this past Tuesday, May 23 at 10:25:54 p.m. ET.

It follows.

    Hi Joe!

    I just ordered this gadget and it's brilliant -- well, let's just say I have high hopes that it's brilliant.

    I really like to swim but 300 metres is about tops for me -- max 500 m.

    By that time I'm really bored.

    I know I could swim about 10 times more laps if I had some music (or radio) to listen to.

    Because swimming is so effortless.


    There are several small waterproof mp3 players (and radios) on the market but they all have serious design flaws.

    Like, they've got these puny earpieces that get dislodged from your ears practically the moment you get into the water and start swimming.

    Or they require you to wear a massive neoprene armband (to house the player) with wires and whatnot.

    So you look like you're having your blood pressure taken.

    Or are partaking in some scientific experiment.

    Or you've got to wear this outlandish headgear (the player-type that conducts sounds through the bones in your head rather than relying on earpieces), which are the type of waterproof mp3 players that appear to be most popular on amazon.

    I bought one of those contraptions and gave up on it.

    You simply go mad if you continually have to put up with bad sound quality or uneven radio signals, and moreover have to adjust your googles or your various straps or gear or earpieces every lap -- because nothing ever seems to stay in place.

    So I have high hopes for this gadget.

    It's like a walkie-talkie, basically.

    It consists of a transmitter and receiver


    (and earpieces that look like they'll stay in place even if you are swimming).

    So you simply bring your CD or iPod or radio -- or whatever -- to the poolside or seaside.

    The transmitter will transmit the signal to you while you are swimming.

    You don't have to carry the player on your person.

    This gadget was developed by a swimming instructor.

    The original idea was that swimming instructors or coaches could communicate with swimmers without having to scream their heads off from poolside.

    I checked and the only reviews I've seen are positive.

    So I'm hopeful.

    The price is pretty steep though: $98.

    Cheers, Anna


The SportZjam website has lots more.

$107 (including shipping).

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Can I have a look at the transmitter as well? How deep can the receiver go and still receive sound?

Posted by: Dickens Lam | Apr 15, 2009 2:55:43 AM

Great! But who is watching your ipod poolside or on the beach????? Not gonna try that, thanks.

Posted by: Virginia | May 28, 2006 12:11:10 PM

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