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May 11, 2006

Bubble Rings


Inventor David Whiteis, whose nifty RingMachine creates bubble rings (above and below), appeared on the April 13 episode of "American Inventor."

Alas, he didn't win.

But that doesn't mean you can't.

What are bubble rings, you ask?

Who better to answer your question than the inventor himself, who writes:

    What are bubble rings?

    Bubble rings are like smoke rings except they exist under water


    and they are made of pure, clean air instead of smoke.

    Smoke rings and bubble rings are both examples of what are known as vortex rings.

    Some people spell it bubblering instead of bubble ring, by the way.

Whiteis notes on his website that "I'm looking for that one phone call from a potential investor or partner that can help me get my invention on the market."

His site has lots of bubble ring videos that will lay waste to what remains of your day.


As if.

His email is David-RM@whiteis.com

Fair warning.

Below, Whiteis and his RingMachine,


waiting for you to send him the email that will make both of you richer than you ever dreamed possible.


[via John Kelly and the Washington Post]

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