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May 8, 2006

Cheap Chromatherapy — Episode 2: Everyone into the pool


Episode 1 back on April 3 went viral.

Now comes a contender proposing to do for your swimming pool what the earlier version did for your tub.

From websites:

    AquaGlow™ Underwater Light Show

    Create a kaleidoscope of color with five selectable flashing patterns.

    Watertight and floating on the surface, this "disco ball" Light Show projects variable dancing light patterns and colors onto the sides and bottom of the pool.

    Five colorful LEDs inside project their light through the clear magnifying cover.


    Since it's floating the light patterns are always moving as well.

    Light has an On/Off switch with automatic auto-off after 60 minutes .

    Can be tethered to the side of the pool.

    Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).


I see no reason not to use this puppy in your tub instead of in a swimming pool.

That's some industrial-strength chromatherapy, tell you what....



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