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May 26, 2006

Chill [Out] Mat


OK, then: you've transported all your cold stuff in your nifty Therma-A-Snap bag and now you're all set for the cookout.

But how're you gonna keep your ingredients cool as they prepare for their grand entrance?

Thought you'd never ask.

From the website:

    Keep food chilled for 4 hours!

    This insulated mat will keep shrimp or fresh fruit nice and cold for several hours — without drippy ice.

    Just freeze the pack and slip it into the neoprene cover.

    • 12" square.

    • No need for a bucket of ice!

    • Use this handy mat next to the grill to keep uncooked foods safe.

    • Buy two and store one in the freezer, ready to use.

    • Keep the other one handy to heat in the microwave for use with warm food.


Official mat of the Ned Vizzini


fan club.

You can read Ned's blog here.

But I digress.

The mat costs $14.95.

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This has many more uses than keeping food cold. Imagine placing this on a hot, aching sore back? Maybe even placing on a knee that is bent out of shape? We might need this one made into one that a person can actually lay down on...a body shape...Oh I love this one....lets chill...baby! =)

Posted by: Rhonda | May 26, 2006 11:28:33 AM

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