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May 31, 2006

Giant Inflatable Outdoor Screen — Episode 2: Price Break


Every year about this time I have my crack research team explore what's new and hot in outdoor entertainment, what with summer and all coming on with a rush.

They came up with a system that's worth a post.

Above, the 2006 Inflatable Big-Screen Outdoor Theater.

From the website:

    Outdoor Home Theater Screen

    Inflatable home theater screen and your own projector let you create a "drive-in" experience right in your own backyard.

    Big, weatherproof 8-ft. screen inflates in just 4 minutes with the powered air pump.

    Connect the two weatherized outdoor amplified speakers (with full range sound) and you're ready to watch a movie or the big game with your family or friends.

    Screen secures to the ground for steady viewing.

    Theater deflates for easy storage.

    Screen is durable, weatherproof PVC.

    Two nylon rope screen tie-downs keep it stable.

    Amplified speakers are weatherized for outdoor use.

    Theater works with most projectors (not included).

    8 feet wide x 7 feet high.


Last year's May 2 entry in the alfresco media entertainment space came in at a cool $9,999.

This year's drops a digit — that's right, it's only $999[.95] (speakers and air pump —


but not projector — included).

OK — you want to start in about how $999.95 is five digits, one more than last year's?

No slack with that lousy 95 cents when you're around, huh?

You know why they call person a pill?

Because they're hard to swallow.

Just thought you might want to know.

Oh, yeah, one more thing — picture quality improves when viewed through progressively stronger beer goggles.

I'm just saying.

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