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May 26, 2006

Holistic Silk Slippers


"Induce calm and relaxation to your overstressed body."

Sounds good — tell us more.

From the website:

    Therapeutic and Magnetic Massaging Slippers

    Main features:

    • Removeable inner sole

    • Fully washable

    • Textured insole massages your feet on acupressure points

    • Magnetic insole increases blood circulation

    • Magnets stimulate the dispersal of toxins in the body

    • Nishjin Pure Silk Brocade — based on 15th Century original designs

    • Flexible Faux Leather outer soles

    • Adjustable fitting with gold draw cord

    The Benefits of Wearing Holistic:

    • In-flight wear helps ward off deep vein thrombosis caused by inactivity

    • Increases blood circulation

    • Disperses toxins in the body

    • Aids relaxation and serenity by reflexology

    • Ancient alternative therapies harnessed to release tension and stress


In three women's sizes:

Small (UK 3/4, US 5/6, EU 36/37)

Medium (UK 5/6, US 7/8, EU 38/39)

Large (UK 7/8, US 9/10, EU 40/41)

In eleven colors: Silver (top), Scarlet, Pink, Blue, Bronze, Ivory, Black, Jade, Alcantara Olive, Alcantara Red and Alcantara Black.

Made in England.

£65 ($122; €96).

But wait — there's more.

    From another page of the website:

    We have it on good authority that many of todays celebs and pop stars have discovered our Holistic Silk Slippers and swear by them when they fly.

    Now we know why they look so good!

    Well... some of them anyway!

    Who ?

    • Victoria Beckham

    • Geri Halliwell

    • Zoe Ball

    • Gaby Roslin

    • Miss-teeq

    • Natalie Imbruglia

    • Sonia Rykiel

    to name but a few....



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