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May 3, 2006

Mini-Pen Throwdown: Two pens enter — one pen leaves


Constant readers will know that one of my obsessions is writing implements.

It is imperative that the best possible tool be available at all times.

For out-of-home (and out-of-body) experiences nothing beats the simple, elegant Swiss Army Knife pen accessory (below).


At 2.75" long, it fits into any wallet unobtrusively.

Now comes a new development in the portable writing space with, I must say, a most innovative and potentially useful feature.

From the contender's website:

    Wallet Notes™

    Wallet Notes keeps pen and paper always in your wallet!

    The size of a credit card, its slim cover contains a pad of 15 self-stick notes and a tiny pen with Flexigrip™ "wings" [top] for a stable grip.

    It fits easily in your wallet


    for instant access anywhere and pop-up tabs on the top and sides make it easy to retrieve.

    Set of three.

    3½" x 2¼".

    1 oz.


If there is one weakness possessed by the Swiss Army pen accessory, it is the difficulty with extended use: it's impossible to get a comfortable grip on the narrow cylinder.

The magnificent Flexigrip wings are a huge step forward.

I am tempted to purchase Wallet Notes, then bag the notes and use the pens until they run out of ink, then transfer the Flexigrip wings to a Swiss Army pen (assuming they fit) and from that point on enjoy my writing implement hack.

A set of three Wallet Notes costs $12.85.

The Swiss Army Knife pen accessory is $1.95.

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Hi Joe,
I do remember one of your past entries that showed a pen you said was THEE best ballpoint pen in the world. I meant to write down the info so I could pick one up for myself but never did.....can you remember what pen I'm referring to and where I might find one? I, too, am obsessed with finding the ultimate writing instrument. Thanks!

Posted by: Maureen | May 5, 2006 12:10:11 AM

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