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May 4, 2006

Personalized Mae West* Neon Pencils


I like the song "Walk This Way" a lot but I don't like it when my pencils walk away.

Never again will someone make off with one of yours "by mistake" — you'll spot the thief across from across the cubicle farm if you're using these.

From the website:

    Personalized Neon Pencils

    Kimball's quality hexagonal #2 pencils.

    Perfect for fund raisers, parties, gifts, and more.

    We'll personalize them for free with a name or special message (1 line, up to 30 letters/spaces).

Twelve pencils for $4.99.

*Many people people believe Mae West's famous query to be about a pencil but it was, in fact, focused on a gun.

You could look it up.

No — we're not going there.

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