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May 22, 2006

World's Cheapest Universal Translating Device


It costs $4.90 and requires no batteries.

If you drop it — even into water — it still works.

From the website:

    Point at a picture - no language translator needed!

    Just point to what you need with this photo language translator.

    No more struggling to pronounce foreign words and misspeaking!

    With this slim picture book in your pocket, there's no need to juggle different language translation guides as you travel, and no frustration trying to quickly get an electronic translator to work.

    This pocket-sized picture dictionary has hundreds of photos of things you might need in a foreign country: transportation, lodging, first aid, toiletries... over 1,200 items!

    Great gift for someone who loves to travel but isn't multi-lingual.

    Carry in a pocket or purse — just 5" x 3½" x ¼".


You can have a lot of fun trying the book out without even leaving town.

Simply go somewhere where no one knows you and pretend you're from another country


and ask for help while using the book: most amusing.

Trust me: I'm a doctor — and I've done just that.


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Translation devices (and that's is a great one - wish I'd thought of it) always make me think of the Python sketch in which John Cleese as all-purpose foreigner walks into a shop and wants to ask for directions or something, and he pronounces the words according to the demonic translation book as "I want to fondle your buttocks."

Posted by: Flutist | May 22, 2006 1:25:42 PM

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