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May 28, 2006

World's most technical shish kebab skewer


Why use something simple when you can overengineer it into technical Tower of Babel complexity?

From the engineers out back in the Kuhn Rikon skunk works comes this remarkable device.

From the website:

    Kuhn Rikon Spring-Loaded Skewer

    Flat design won't roll around and the sturdy shaft holds food securely.

    Skewer's handle mechanism locks into place during cooking and then clicks forward to push the food off.



    18" long.


After due consideration I believe I'll pass on these as they appear to be an open invitation for an ER visit to remove an impacted, perfectly-grilled pearl onion from one of my eye sockets.

Those whose general aptitude is above TechnoDolt™ level, on the other hand, might find these skewers a most useful addition to their batterie de cuisine.


Two for $19.99.

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