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June 3, 2006

Remote Control Organizer


Good news, bad news.

Good news: it exists.

Bad news: it's only got room for four remotes.

I don't know about you but me, in order to watch TV or a DVD or a video or do whatever, I've got to employ 5 — that's right, 5 — remotes in order to operate all the equipment.

And that's with each and every piece of my video and audio kit — TV, DVD player, videotape player, speakers and AM-FM receiver/amplifier — from one company (Sony).

I can get by with three but actually — and seemingly paradoxically — it's much easier using five.

That's because to use one remote for two or more different functions requires finding and pushing or clicking one tiny, non-illuminated button among a sea of look-alikes.

Far easier to default to another remote with a known button to push.

Anyway, here's what the website has to say about this (halting) advance.

    Remote Organizer gives a modern twist to remote organization.

    Curved, step shape allows specific remotes to be viewed or accessed from any direction and prevents misplacement.

    Transport station easily using ball-shaped handle.

    8" x 4-1/4" x 8".


$14.98 (remotes not included).

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MorphWorld: Monica Bellucci into Sonia Gandhi


Earlier this week came the news that the Italian actress (above) has agreed to portray Sonia Gandhi (below)


in an upcoming film about the life of the Indian politician.

The woman who would become Sonia Gandhi was born Antonia Maino near Turin, Italy in 1946.

In 1968 she married Rajiv Gandhi, assassinated in 1991 while serving as Prime Minister of India.

Sonia Gandhi now heads the Congress Party, which rules India; she refused the prime minister's job after the 2004 elections but remains at the party's helm, one of the most powerful people in that rising nation.

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Patio Umbrella Mosquito Net


Nice mashup.

    From the website:

    Dine outdoors without bugs and insects in this mesh table enclosure.

    Easy set-up — perfect for deck, backyard or poolside.

    Zippered door allows easy entry and exit.

    Water-bag base inside poly sleeve adds stability.

    Fits umbrellas up to 10'.


Love the door.

$69.98 (Patio umbrella, table and chairs not included).

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Why Chanel is the exception that proves the rule


Above, Exhibit A: page seven of last Sunday's New York Times magazine.

The rule, in case it slipped your mind, what with all the excitement around you: "No daughter buys her mother's label — the only exception is Chanel."

It's from the June 1 post about how fashion houses get old and die.

The face of Chanel in the arresting ad above is that of Selma Blair.

Edgy — yet perfect.

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World's most technical ice cream scoop


From the website:

    Ice cream pops out of the scoop!

    No more sticky fingers or using a spoon to dig ice cream out of this scoop!

    Just push the button on the handle and a lever gently pushes the ice cream out of the scoop!

    • Push the button — out pops the ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt!

    • Serve bowl after bowl — it’s easier and more sanitary with this scoop.

    • Aluminum with non-stick coating — helps ice cream slide off.

    • Ergonomic, non-slip silicone grip.

    • Dishwasher-safe.


$14.95 (ice cream


not included).

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Best comment of the week — from (The Original) Mary Sue


It appeared on the sidebar and in my emailbox at 6:04:19 last evening.


    A new comment has been submitted to your weblog "bookofjoe," on the post "How to improve Ziploc® and OneZip® bags."

    Comment from:

    Name: (The Original) Mary Sue
    URL: wondersheep.livejournal.com


    It costs around $200-$225 to transport a human brain from the funeral home to a local research facility (this is in-town).

    Which is weird to me, since for the same trip it costs $175 for a whole body.

    Is the extra charge for the baggie?

    I work in the purchasing department of a large research institution and teaching hospital so that's how I know.

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Tie Necklace


OK now, we're two-thirds of the way home.

First the toilet tie (below)


of June 1


and now these necklaces.

The final step: a mashup in which we get the toilet tie reduced and placed on a necklace for the girl plumbers among you.


From the website:

    Fit to be Tied — Tie Necklace

    A clever and contemporary take on the ultimate in men's business attire, this creation makes the tie available to the ladies.

    Made from vibrant shades of fused glass, the iconic shape — designed by artist Orfeo Quagliata — gives girls a cheeky way to join the "boy's club."

    The modern shape and creative craftsmanship


    make this piece one you'll enjoy again and again.

    Handmade in Mexico of sterling silver and glass.

    • Hoop: 5" Diameter

    • Pendant: 0.75"W x 3.25"H


Rainbow or Blue Stripes.


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