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June 13, 2006

Cork Blazer


From DDCLab.


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Magnetic Fly Swatter


From Josh Owen, the designer:


"Often, the most difficult part of swatting flies is locating the fly swatter."


"This design allows for the object to hang from any doorknob or attach magnetically to anything metallic."


Polypropylene with attached magnet; 20" long.



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Sisterwoman.com — "'Sex and the City' meets MySpace"


That's the idea, anyway: a place for "Female E-Bonding" is how the headline of Kara Rowland's May 22 Washington Times story described it.

Co-founder Allie Savarino was named one of Fast Company magazine's "Fast 50" business leaders last year.

Long story short: the site went live on April 19 of this year and has so far attracted 200,000 members.

Not bad in seven weeks.

They hope to get to 1.2 million — a six-fold increase — by the end of summer.

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'Roses' Rug


Hand-made in India by Barcelona-based Nanimarquina.

The all-wool rug has raised felt "petals," from whence comes the carpet's name.

In Red, Gray, Off-White or Orange.

Two sizes: 78"W x 118"L and 67"W x 94.5"L.

Price on request (translation: very expensive) from Nanimarquina in Spain: call +34 932 376 465.


FunFact: the company was founded in 1986 by Nani Marquina.

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World's Best Salsa?


That's what Leigh Lambert wrote in this past Sunday's Washington Post about the house salsa at Guapo's, her neighborhood (Washington, D.C.) Mexican restaurant.

She asked the co-owner, Hector Rincon Jr., for the recipe and — surprisingly to me at least — he gave it to her.

The secret ingredient, which she'd never have guessed in a million years?


She described the salsa as "magical" and addictive."

That's good enough for me.

The recipe follows.


Even I might be able to make this one.

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Pyrex Measuring Cup — With Lid


As is so often the case with useful additions like this to one's batterie de cuisine one can only ask: what took them so long?

From the website:

    Pyrex® Measuring Cup with Lid

    Made of tempered glass with clear markings for accurate measures.

    Four-position lid for straining, sifting and sprinkling.

    Sure-fit seal.



The 2-cup version is $12.99 and the 4-cup model $14.99, both here.

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Parity not conserved at bookofjoe


It occurred to me the other day that many — if not most — people read bookofjoe in the order opposite to that in which I post it.

Let me explain.

Do you have a month?


You're very, very busy and important and simply don't have time for long-winded explanations that, in the end, go nowhere?

Me too — I'm just like you.

In fact, I am you.

But I digress.

When I put together each day's menu of eight — Count 'em, 8! — posts I do so with the thought that you will read the first, up at 9:01 a.m., first, then the 10:01 a.m., etc.

But many readers tell me they read the entire day's posts at one sitting after work or the next day.

In which case, by default (as you'll find if you hit one of the past ten days' dates or any date in the "All Archives" link, listed in the "Archives" feature in the right hand column) you'll find the day's 4:01 p.m. post up at the top, and yourself reading the posts in the reverse order from that in which they were originally published.

Does that alter the experience?

I don't know, honestly: I'm too close to the thing to know how it reads in one temporal direction versus its opposite.

Your comments would be most appreciated by me as I'm quite interested in the bookofjoe experience™.

I guess that, unlike Lee and Yang, I won't be getting a Nobel Prize for my epiphany.


Oh, well.

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World's Most Expensive Laptop Stand


What's so funny, Mr. Purchaser of grotesquely overpriced, ugly functional furniture?

From the website:

    Leap Ottoman Laptop Stand

    This ottoman works in two ways for you.

    The Leap Ottoman changes from footrest [above, with the chuckling doofus] to laptop station [below]


    with a simple flip.

    • Full-grain leather on a polished aluminum base

    • Cushioned footrest

    • 18½"W x 19"D

    • 15"H ottoman height

    • 25"H laptop height


But wait — there's more!

Also works as a PowerDesk™:






or Tan.



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