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June 16, 2006

Our philosophy


By Judson Frondorf, whose website ackackack.com is chock-full of great stuff.

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Kabobber: 'Look ma — no skewer!


What's this?

I mean, what's a shish kebab without all the meat and veg baked onto the skewer such that when you're finally able to dislodge them, they go flying into the dirt?

From the website:

    Kabobber With Mitt

    With no skewers to thread, you simply fill the center section with shrimp, peppers, zucchini, or any combination of food requiring the same cooking time.

    Then place on the grill and in minutes you have a complete meal.

    Holds approximately two standard skewers of food.

    The Kabobber measures 22"L x 2"W x 2"H with 8" handle.

    Basket mitt also included.


I'm still not so sure about this: I mean, what's a shish kebab without holes in everything?



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Tommy Smyth and Ian Sealey: Announcing stars of the World Cup


No question: the Irish Smyth (above) and the English Sealey are the Men of the Match every time they team up to bring us a World Cup game in English.

Dave O'Brien and Marcelo Balboa are the lead announcing team for ABC/ESPN's coverage but they can't hold a candle to the Celt and the Brit.

O'Brien is a former Miami Marlins [baseball] announcer who only called his first soccer game six months ago.

No good.

Smyth and Sealey know the game inside out — players, teams, tactics, strategy, and all the rest of the tacit knowledge only people who've played and lived the game for decades can bring to in-game commentary and analysis.

However — to say that there are not those who would take issue with my opinion would be to ignore the enraged voices of the myriad fans who offer their demurrals here.

"Wanker" is among the milder appellations given Smyth and his descriptive style.

Me, well, I kind of like it when Smyth declares, following some laser-beam rocket into the back of net,


"He sure put a bulge in the auld onion bag."

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Camper Locus Barcelona — 'Caminem. On t'agradaria anar avui?'*


On the right sole (above) of this special limited edition shoe is the sentiment expressed in the headline above; the left


features a map of Europe.

The shoe is named in tribute to Barcelona's famed Placa dels Àngels skateboard park.


*Let's walk. Where do you want to go today?

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Talking urinals of New York


They are now live.

Jonathan Miller investigated and reported in a story that appeared in the May 25 New York Times; it follows.

    Guy Walked Into an L.I. Bar, And a Urinal Started Talking

    Yes, the thing in the urinal is talking to you.

    Thanks to an inventor from Islip, bar patrons in Nassau County now face the possibility that when they enter a men's restroom they will be confronted at the most inopportune moment by a cheerful-sounding machine chiding them about driving drunk.

    The device is placed at the bottom of a urinal and is sensitive to changes in light. The presence of a person standing before it sets it off. ''Hey, you! Yeah, you. Having a few drinks?'' a male voice intones. ''Then listen up. Think you had one too many? Then it's time to call a cab or call a sober friend for a ride home.''

    The device is battery-powered and watertight, looks like a hockey puck with mesh wings, and replaces the usual deodorant cake. There are other versions. One warns about drinking while boating, and some of the cakes have a picture of a man in handcuffs with the words: ''You Drink. You Drive. You Lose'' [top].

    Nassau County officials said they loved the idea when they learned about it and paid $2,200 for a hundred of the contraptions. The money comes from drunken-driving fines, and the county plans to give one free to any bar owner who wants it. A Long Island-based anti-drunken-driving group, Dedicatedd, is a co-sponsor of the program.

    Christopher Mistron, the traffic safety educator for Nassau County, said that the reaction from friends and around the county has been mixed, but that the way he figures it, anything that gets people talking about the dangers of drunken driving is a good thing. ''Trust me, someone comes back from the men's room after seeing one of these things,'' he said, ''and says to his friends at the bar, 'You'll never believe what I saw in there.' ''

    The talking urinal cake is the brainchild of Richard Deutsch, an Islip resident, former chiropractor and engineer. ''There's no more captive audience than a guy standing at a urinal,'' he said. He is hoping to put a similar device with scrolling text but no sound in women's restrooms, where it would be fastened to stall doors.

    Thus far, two bars have installed one of the devices, Nassau officials said. At C. J. Wellington's, a bar in Franklin Square, the owner, John Costello, placed one in a urinal yesterday. ''I don't know how it's going to go down, but at least it will be a deterrent to stop people from getting on the road when they shouldn't be,'' he said.

    In the past, Mr. Deutsch has sold another version of the Wizmark, or ''interactive urinal communicator,'' as he calls it, to bars in Canada and the United States. Instead of warning about drunken driving, that version had advertising for Molson beer and Country Music Television. He is also developing a Wizmark campaign aimed at motorcyclists, for bars in Wisconsin.

    Not everyone likes his product. One advertising agency, he said, informed him it was ''a totally stupid idea.''

    It does grab the attention, though. Last week, it was lampooned on ''Saturday Night Live.''

    ''The message has gotten out there,'' said Mr. Mistron, the traffic safety educator. ''We have our own 'Where's the Beef?' ''


The Wizmark is said be good for 10,000 announcements before the battery finally peters out.

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'Spoken Like A Pro — An Insider's Guide to the Language of Professions'


From the website:

    Uncover The Words That Only A Pro Would Know

    "Give me an all-day on the burgers," commands the chef.

    "Who's your nose?" demands the perfume maker.

    "Time to torch it," advises the pharmacist.

    In almost every line of work a private vocabulary, crisp and colorful, comes into play.

    Spoken Like a Pro takes you behind the linguistic curtain to reveal the hidden words of 15 different professions, from cookie baker and microbiologist to printer and waste manager.

    Now you'll know what it means when the retailer admits it dogged, the musician sheds the part, the chef eighty-sixes the fillets and the magician inadvertently flashes.

    Enjoy this lighthearted crash course in how to summon the language of those in the know.

    Charmingly illustrated 140-page softcover.

    5¼" x 7¼".


The table of contents:



Below, a bonus chapter not in the book — "Spoken like a hairdresser" (unless you have X-Man vision you'll enjoy it much more after clicking on it to enlarge it).


I noticed there wasn't a chapter entitled "Circling the drain" about anesthesiology lingo — maybe that'll be in the sequel.

The book is $16.

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Cork floors get color


Globus Cork offers vibrantly colored cork flooring.

Check out their palette (above).

Cork floors are wonderful: beautiful, durable, easy to care for, superb to walk on and wonderfully quiet, deadening sound and reducing vibration.

[via Jeanne Huber's "Know How" column in yesterday's Washington Post Home section]

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Remote Control Annoying Sounds


From the website:

    Remote Prank Set

    What looks like an ordinary calculator is really a remote control in this Remote Prank Set.

    Set allows you to play annoying sounds and appear totally innocent as you do it!

    Stick the sound box under an unsuspecting someone's desk (tape included) and press a key on the calculator to produce a Wolf Whistle, Buzzing Fly, Modem Start-up, Burp or other fun sounds.

    You can record your own sound or funny voice, too!

    You'll howl with laughter as your victim looks around for the fly that doesn't exist or as they shrink in embarrassment from the flatulence sounds.

    Off/On/Time Delay Switch.

    Calculator-Remote works up to 100 feet away from sound unit.

    Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)




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