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June 5, 2006

Beverage Bobber Floating Cooler


From the website:

    The Big Bobber

    Ahab could have used this Bobber.

    This floating cooler stores beverages while staying afloat in water.

    It keeps your beverages cool, weighs only 5-1/2 pounds and has a built-in handle for carrying.

    Holds a dozen 12-ounce cans or bottles with ice.

    Can be attached to boats, rafts or float tubes.


Oh, yeah, one last thing: if I'm dropping by do me a favor and throw a couple Clausthaler non-alcoholic brewskis in for me, will ya?

After much tasting and evaluation here years ago it came first among all its ersatz beer competitors.

And yes — I do realize "non-alcoholic beer" is an oxymoron.

Cut me a little slack, will ya?



The Big Bobber costs $34.95 (beverages not included).

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