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June 23, 2006

Camouflage Cordless Phone


Just the thing for talking about secret stuff.

Now you can blend right in and hide in plain sight.

The best feature: 10 different game call rings — see if your ringtones can do that.

From the website-not-sight:

    Motorola Camo Cordless Phone

    Dependable communication in a compact camouflaged package for any outdoor-themed room in your house, camp or cabin.

    Ten game call rings plus a ring tone will enliven the room and announce your passion for the outdoors to visitors.

    Game call rings include: Duck Quack, Bear Growl, Turkey, Cougar Growl, Elk Bugle, Canada Goose, Coyote Howl, Red Tail Hawk, Owl Hoots , Loon Wail.

    Caller ID and visual call waiting help you weed out courtesy calls and undesired interruption, and you'll enjoy great range and audio performance with 2.4 GHz technology.

    The exceptional battery life lets you talk for up to six hours or leave the phone off the charger for up to six days.

    Comes with a belt clip and is headset capable for convenient, neck-saving hands-free use.

    Last-number redial and 10 Speed Dial locations make it a cinch to reach your frequent contacts.

    Audible and visual low-battery alerts tell you when it's time to recharge.

    Page button helps you keep track of the phone in case the Realtree™ Hardwoods HD® pattern blends in a little too well.

    Mounts on the wall or on a desktop.

    Three-line backlit LCD display and a backlit keypad.

    Flash, mute and hold buttons.

    Phone company voice mail and line-in-use indicators.

    Includes user's guide and a one-year warranty.


If it quacks like a duck and honks like a goose — it must be your phone.


And don't come crying to me in six months asking how come you can't buy one: it will be because they sold out in a New York minute at this ridiculously low price.

[via Rodes Fishburne, a highly-regarded writer who appears to have an awful lot of spare time on his hands. Reminds me of someone I am — oops, I meant "know."]

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