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June 5, 2006

ColorSplash Camera — Now your parachute can be any color you like


As if.

From the website:

    A Flashy Flash

    Add a little color to any photograph with the amazing flash of this Colorsplash camera.

    This flash features a patented colorwheel system


    that lets you choose tinted filters that recast your subjects in a gorgeous sheen of green.

    Or yellow, for that matter, or blue, red, pink, orange — you have nine filters to chose from.

    And a long exposure capability allows you to add dreamy streaked backgrounds to your crisp colorful foregrounds.

    It takes normal 35mm film and uses normal processing, too.

    Camera includes battery, film, filters and poster.

    9 filters include: two orange, two green, two purple and one each of blue, pink and red.

    Uses standard 35mm film and can be developed at any photo lab.

    Flash requires one AA battery (not included).

    6"W x 3.25"L x 1.5"H



Many years ago, I found myself down in New Orleans serving as an expert witness at the request of Lawrence J. Smith, attorney at law and perhaps the most memorable figure I've encountered in the legal profession in over twenty years of consulting work.

Anyhow, apropos of nothing, in the middle of a very tense deposition, he suddenly interjected, "You want a blue suit? Turn on a blue light."

I cracked up — no one else even smiled.


The camera is $75.

Stories like that above?


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