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June 25, 2006

Rock 'n' Roll Mega Bowl Surf Rider


From the website:

    Big Bowl Towable

    This boat-towable water ride has a curved bowl shape that allows you to rock back and forth and roll side-to-side as it speeds across the water, leaning sharply through turns.

    Up to four of the units can be connected together, allowing an entire family to trail behind a boat like a giant waterborne game of crack-the-whip.

    The sturdy bowl has a heavy-gauge inflatable PVC core surrounded by a double-stitched nylon cover with zipper and a fabric coating that resists the elements for a lifetime of durable use.

    The bottom of the bowl has a drainage vent and the spacious interior easily accommodates a single adult rider up to 250 lbs. for exhilarating rides or relaxed jaunts on fresh or salt water.

    A reinforced tow system connects to a 2,000-lb. tow line (4,000-lb. tow line required for towing more than two connected bowls).

    Inflates in two minutes with an electric pump (not included) and deflates for easy storage.

    Inflated dimensions: 26"H x 58"W x 68"L.




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