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June 11, 2006

Grilling Thermometer Paperweight Neck Medallion


From the website:

    Grilling Surface Thermometer

    Far more accurate than grill hood thermometers

    Our Grill Surface Thermometer rests directly on the grate for an accurate surface (not just ambient) temperature reading.

    Constructed from high-quality rustproof stainless-steel.

    3" diameter.


Even if you don't know a grill from a grasshopper you'll still have a multi-tasking paperweight.

And if you need something Dada to complete your ensemble for a stylish opening, just use one of the handy hooks to make it into the world's hottest — or coolest, depending on whether or not the AC is turned on — pendant.

Anyone can tell you the time but not many people can give you the temperature.

Bonus: use the bottom hook and you'll be able to easily read the temperature just by looking down — look ma, no hands!


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