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June 23, 2006

Groove Tube


"Designed by Seattle artist Matt Griesey, it's a translucent box made of paper and plastic with a grid of opaque dividers that attach to the screen with suction cups," wrote Maria Puente in an item that appears in today's USA Today.

She continued, "When the TV (or computer) is on, the Groove Tube averages the picture pixels and creates an ever-changing display of colors in each square."


Then you turn off the sound and turn up your stereo, is the idea.

Here's a video demo

"'It's ingeniously simple,' said Lara Coffman Tusher of VelocityaArtandDesign.com, which is selling Groove Tubes. 'No matter what the beat is, it feels like the light display is changing in time with the music.'"

Griesey is moving on, according to the USA Today story, so the Groove Tube is being discontinued..

Meanwhile, they're selling the remaining stock off at fire sale prices: $30 (marked down from $40) for the medium (fits 19" to 22" TVs); $22.50 (formerly $30) for small (fits 13" to 15" TVs), both here.

Tell you what: these will be gone so fast after being featured here and in USA Today, your head will spin.

Be there or be square — and left out.


And that's all I'm going to say about that.

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I think I could make one of these at home right here in my own sinister laboratory. But I'm thinking of one without the grid (yeah, I realize the pixel thing is sort of the whole point but I've never paid much attention to points) that would give the effect of a kind of constantly shifting impressionist thing. A Moving Monet, if you will. And you could experiment with different kinds of paper or other material for the best light show. All you really need is for the paper to be elevated from the screen. Hmm. I might have found a use for my TV.

Or, I can just remove my contact lenses and see kind of the same thing. In fact the whole world becomes an impressionist gig. Hunh, I wonder... As people get older and not-so-hot looking, what with sags, wrinkles, bulges, bags, lumps, bumps, folds, discolorations, age spots, road map veins, arthritic knobs and the hundreds of other hideous deformities that accompany the wisdom of age, well, contact lenses that totally fuzz out the vision of those not fortunate enough to be seriously myopic might be very useful when installed before an, ahem, intimate encounter, shall I say, thereby blurring out all but gross (gross being the operative word here) movements of one's partner, not to mention one's self. Making things more, uh, fun. Or maybe not. Or, you could just turn out the lights. Get a good night's sleep, there you go. Never mind.

Posted by: Flutist | Jun 23, 2006 12:13:51 PM

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