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June 20, 2006

Ice Spoon


Official spoon of the the Ned Vizzini Fan Club.

From the website:

    Ice Spoon Mold

    Ice Spoons chill and stir beverages from bottom to top!

    Just add water, juice or any tropical blend to mold, then freeze.

    Spoon shapes become stirrers and drink chillers.

    No extra utensils to clean!

    "Lemonade spoons" chill iced tea deliciously.

    Dishwasher-safe plastic makes 2 spoons.

    Spoon dimensions: 9-1/4" x 5/8" x 3-1/4".



Recipient of a coveted bookofjoe Design Award™.



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it wouldnt melt quickly if the drink was already cooled

Posted by: ME | Feb 1, 2008 9:12:41 PM

it's probably not ice, if they used ice they would have melted too quickly for the photographer to take the picture.

Posted by: brad | Jul 8, 2006 12:25:30 PM

Daniel - ice doesn't float on water, it floats in water. The majority of any ice cube will remain in the water. These are just funny shaped ice cubes and will probably float just as pictured in most tall glasses.

I think these are perfectly ingenious!

Posted by: Karen | Jul 7, 2006 9:30:25 PM

Coming soon, dagger shaped moulds for making the perfect murder weapon. Hard to get prints from a puddle.

Posted by: Skipweasel | Jun 21, 2006 3:54:20 PM

How did they keep the spoons from floating to the top of the glass? Especially when the biggest chunck of ice is at the bottom.

Posted by: Daniel | Jun 21, 2006 1:48:14 PM

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