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June 11, 2006

Word up from joeheads


It's nice to know so many people care.

I received a whole slew of comments on the June 1 post about possibly changing the format of bookofjoe, from the individual sentence-as-paragraph format I seem to have adopted as my default setting to allowing pasted-in articles from elsewhere to appear as they were originally edited and published.

Reader Mike Harney suggested it and I've put up a few posts over the past ten days in the format he indicated he'd prefer.

Guess what?

Even though the [e]mail ran about 10-to-1 against making any change in the single-sentence format, I've decided to go with Mike's suggestion.

Not for the main reason he offered, though it's quite valid, to wit: He pointed out that the writers and editors chose to format it the way they did because that's the way they believed the material best transmitted the information within.

I broke up their paragraphs because it seemed to me much easier to read them onscreen in short bites, since the eye doesn't sweep the screen nearly the way it does the tinier print in hard copy.

But both those reasons are trumped by the fact that I'm, at heart — believe it or not — a very lazy person.

And breaking up and reformatting the long articles is very, very tedious, boring and time-consuming.

Putting them up as published is much less work.

And less work is what I'm all about.

Because that gives me more time to read and learn and thus make bookofjoe better.

And that's also what I'm about.

Thanks, Mike, and all the other joeheads who took the time to comment and email me privately, some of you from countries I didn't even even know had the internet — in a manner of speaking.

I learned some great country suffixes, I wanna tell ya.


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Far be it from me to encourage your "new sentence, new paragaph" habit (particlarly as I prefer the unaltered original format of articles), but it can be made less time-consuming just by using whatever word processor you use. Just do a search and replace, search for ". " (full stop then a space) and replace with "- ¶" (full stop, space, carriage return/line break/whatever you call it) and it's done pretty much instantly.

Posted by: Graeme | Jun 12, 2006 4:10:53 AM

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