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June 13, 2006

Parity not conserved at bookofjoe


It occurred to me the other day that many — if not most — people read bookofjoe in the order opposite to that in which I post it.

Let me explain.

Do you have a month?


You're very, very busy and important and simply don't have time for long-winded explanations that, in the end, go nowhere?

Me too — I'm just like you.

In fact, I am you.

But I digress.

When I put together each day's menu of eight — Count 'em, 8! — posts I do so with the thought that you will read the first, up at 9:01 a.m., first, then the 10:01 a.m., etc.

But many readers tell me they read the entire day's posts at one sitting after work or the next day.

In which case, by default (as you'll find if you hit one of the past ten days' dates or any date in the "All Archives" link, listed in the "Archives" feature in the right hand column) you'll find the day's 4:01 p.m. post up at the top, and yourself reading the posts in the reverse order from that in which they were originally published.

Does that alter the experience?

I don't know, honestly: I'm too close to the thing to know how it reads in one temporal direction versus its opposite.

Your comments would be most appreciated by me as I'm quite interested in the bookofjoe experience™.

I guess that, unlike Lee and Yang, I won't be getting a Nobel Prize for my epiphany.


Oh, well.

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I am certainly different. I start with the comments. I click on a comment and then read the post. I always find it interesting to see what people have to say first about your post. If there is no comment on a post, I then read the post in its entirety. I know thats weird but its just the way I do it.
Ain't it grand that we are all so different!!!

Posted by: meg | Jun 16, 2006 8:36:38 AM

I just read what catches my eye. I tend to read from the top to the bottom. So that would be the last post first?? Is there really a certain way this book should be read? I do have to say that I agree with flutist and hope there is a secret map along the way that leads to a secret treasure....=) oh I forget that's gotta be in another book?

Posted by: Rhonda | Jun 14, 2006 9:55:19 AM

I read from the bottom up in my feed reader, thus I have not had a chance to conduct temporal parity experiments with bookofjoe.

Posted by: Tim McCormack | Jun 13, 2006 11:33:35 PM

I used to read them in the order they were posted throughout the day. I guess you are calling that forwards. But now that your site is blocked at work I read them in reverse. Don't fret about being blocked. Blogs in general are blocked so please don't feel personally attacked. You may however feel generally attacked. Here is another data point in the bookofjoe experience database. I rarely, if ever, read the previous days entries if I missed them for some reason. Maybe it's like day old French bread. (for the birds?) Mercifully all things must end and so will I.

Posted by: Brian | Jun 13, 2006 6:30:11 PM

I started out savoring them all at night, like an after dinner liquor.

Now, I'm finding myself in need of a bit of pick me up during the day.

Perhaps I'm becoming addicted.

My need for Joe increases.

More likely a signal that I need to take time for me throughout the day.

And, not just with a Joe fix :-)

Posted by: mattp9 | Jun 13, 2006 2:27:29 PM

I read them in a random order, I skip to and fro and back and forth. I don't know if that helps or adds any insight, but it is what it is.

Posted by: Jack | Jun 13, 2006 1:30:53 PM

I always read it backwards (with regard to posting times; haven't started reading each actual word backwards, yet, but maybe there's a secret code involved and if I just hold it up to a mirror, there'll be a treasure map, and...) and it works out fine. In fact, it's kind of fun on those odd times when one post relates to another previous one and I'm thinking "what the hell?" and then I see what you're talking about. Duh.

Now about that picture at the bottom of the Nobel Prize winning whatsis thingy. That red and green braided doo-dad looks EXACTLY like the start of one of my rare (and let's keep it that way, headache gremlins) migraine auras. Before the fortification spectrum gets fully developed and the horseshoe shape appears with the shimmering light in the center. Yep, it starts with golden braided lines, in that precise configuration, at the bottom of the visual field. I've seen that pattern repeatedly in the last few weeks -- even bought a set of wine glasses with the pattern going around the rim. It's all over the place. I wonder if designers and physics geniuses have lots of migraines. Oh, and if you're wondering what on earth a "fortification spectrum" is, a guy named Dr. Hubert Airy, way back in 1907 or so, had migraine auras, and drew bunches of pictures of them, and applied that name to the patterns he experienced because it looked like a map of a fortified town or something. Hey, a map! Maybe there's a code, and a buried treasure, and a movie, and a zillion dollars!

Posted by: Flutist | Jun 13, 2006 11:00:28 AM

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