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June 20, 2006

Peephole Reverse Viewer: Because sometimes it's better to be on the outside — looking in


    Peephole Reverse Viewer

    The Tactical Door Viewer was developed with the help of the law enforcement industry to help them assess potential hazards behind dwelling doors.

    This peephole reverse viewer is simple to use and can be carried in your pocket for use anytime.

    The officer places the reverse viewer over the peephole in the door and can look into the dwelling without alerting anyone inside.

    They can identify any potential threats or activity before proceeding with their tactical mission.

    This peephole reverse viewer fits most common peepholes used in the United States for apartments, condominiums and houses.

    The peep hole reverser can be used in other countries where the peepholes are similar to those used here.

    Made of high quality lightweight materials, the housing is a strong, lightweight composite with an all-weather coating.

    The lenses are high-quality precision ground glass custom-designed for the Tactical Door Viewer Peephole Reverse Viewer.

    Designed to be carried by all types of law enforcement officers.


If you're paranoid or just curious about what that noise is in your hotel room — when you're the only one registered — this might be just the ticket.



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anyone know how to make one of these?

Posted by: | Dec 4, 2006 3:13:30 PM

Can I share some resources with you?

Posted by: naomi | Jul 5, 2006 10:22:40 PM

Coming soon, Peepflaps (tm). A custom made escutcheon with hinged flap to fit your peephole. Or you could just tape over the hole with a bit of insulation tape.
Or, for the more discerning user, a translucent box into which a 35mm transparency can be fitted. Now, nosey outsiders will reel with amazment when they see you have the Taj Mahal or the Sidney Opera House in your hall.

Posted by: Skipweasel | Jun 21, 2006 3:51:54 PM

why spend $88 when the $5 ones do the same thing. buy one and try it.

Posted by: marshall | Jun 20, 2006 7:59:42 PM

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