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June 24, 2006

Perfect Pickle Picker — Episode 2: Telescoping Retractable Tongs


Back on December 29, 2004 I featured Episode 1 in this ongoing saga.

Of course back then I hardly knew it would turn out to be a saga nor that there would ever be an Episode 2.

I am reminded of the optimistic sponsors of "First Annual" this and thats.

I mean, how do they know?


The 2004 iteration featured two sharp prongs that extrude from the business end (below) to impale the pickle.


This year's version (top) is the fruit of 18 months of intense research and experimentation out back in the Perfect Pickle Picker skunk works.

From the website:

    Pickle Picker

    Pickle lovers rejoice ... your struggle is over!

    No more fumbling for that delicious dill or gorgeous gherkin — just grip it with this gadget's retractable wire tongs.

    Ends pickle juice mess.





Very nicely done.

Rather than disrupt the integrity of the pickle by inserting foreign bodies into its flesh, the inventor(s) have created a grasping tool to present your prize intact.


Surely the added cost (the 2006 model is $7.99, $1 more than the original) is a small price to pay for the enormous value added.

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I use a set of 12 inch (huge!) lab tweezers, which cost me four US bucks plus delivery on eBay (and didn't come packed in grease :-).

Useful for fishing things out of things in general, but particularly effective (and theatrical) for gherkins and olives.

Posted by: Daniel Rutter | Jul 1, 2006 10:12:05 AM

Wouldn't a fork do?

Posted by: Skipweasel | Jun 24, 2006 1:42:41 PM

Probably get it slightly cheaper at HarourFreight (or whatever that tool store is).

I haave a few sizes of these that almost exactly match that above...never spent more that $5...and all sit in my tool cabinet.

A word to the wise if you decide to use hardware in every day cooking -- the packing oil is rarely FDA compliant. But as long as you get stainless, you should be able to clean it off pretty easily. And all in all, prices are going to be a lot cheaper...for instance, my microplane zesters are all from wood working shops (which is where the guy who invented the 'food version' -- its EXACTLY THE SAME -- got the idea and bought out a shipment and resold it to one of the chain foodies)...and I've even found a stainless butane torch that was an almost exact match for my defunct Williams & Sonnoma Brule Browner (or how ever you spell that) -- at half the cost.

So instead of picking up some specialized pickle picker, get on down to the hardware store.

Posted by: clifyt | Jun 24, 2006 9:30:18 AM

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