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June 30, 2006

Remote Sensing Keychain Thermometer


I like it.

From the website:

    Touchless Keychain Thermometer

    Breakthough technology gives instant temperature readings!

    Just aim and press the button!

    Balance the A/C ducts in your house.

    Find areas that could use more insulation.

    Check your coffee, the bath water, the oven, your computer, engine components... it's useful and, well, fun!

    Works from -27°F to 428°F (±2.5°) and can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

    Batteries included.


When I first saw a consumer version of these hand-held no-touch thermometers early last year I was so impressed I featured one and then bought it.

I paid $71.84 but I guess Moore's Law is somehow involved 'cause just now when I went to the site where I bought mine (to make sure it was still available) I saw that it's now priced at $37.43.


A couple months ago a pocket-sized version appeared, for $39: I'll bet that's the sort of thing that caused the price drop.

Anyway, the keychain version takes it to the next level in terms of size and usefulness.


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