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June 19, 2006

We get email: From the webmaster at BookMateStore.com


Just in at 8:22:14 a.m. this morning:

    Dear Joseph:

    A new comment has been submitted to your weblog "bookofjoe," on the post "Reading in bed - the search for the Holy Grail of reading lights continues...."

    Comment from:

    Name: Webmaster at BookMateStore.com
    Email: webmaster@bookmatestore.com
    URL: http://www.BookMateStore.com


    Try http://www.BookMateStore.com/clip-on-book-lights.htm

    While we appreciate your use of our cartoon, we don't appreciate its use without attribution.

    The fact that you didn't mention our "Mighty Bright Clip-on Book Light" [below]


    which can be powered by A/C adapter or batteries, was also not appreciated, since it's the best all-around reading light we've found in many years.

    You are right about the red beanie with the "B" for "BookMate" (not BookofJoe)... It's not for sale!

    Webmaster at BookMateStore.com


I like it when someone goes deep — as in, deep into my archives — and exhumes a blast from the past, like the November 1, 2004 post referred to above.

The webmaster is correct: credit was not given for the wonderful reading in bed cartoon (top), which (dare I admit it?) I've used on more than one occasion since, also without attribution.

But never again — promise.

Pinky swear.


I hereby attribute the wonderful, iconic red bookofjoe beanie reading in bed being with the perfect complexion (depends on where you're coming from, what?) to BookMateStore.com.

And even though I gave up on finding a perfect reading in bed light some time ago, having spent hundreds of dollars over the years on a collection of hardware now gathering dust in my Museum of Failed Booklights (MOFB), I will order the "Mighty Bright Clip-On Book Light" and try it out as a small tribute to the webmaster and his excellent performance in his role as grand panjandrum of all things digital at BookMateStore.com.

From the website:

    Clip-on Book Light

    A recent addition to the BookMate product line, our Clip-on Book Light is a great accessory for any reader.

    This battery powered clip-on projects light exactly where it's needed.

    It's sleek and compact, and its head and arm are fully adjustable.

    It securely clips onto any of our BookMate book holders/book covers or onto any hardback book, and it can also be used as a mini-desk lamp or utility light.

    These Clip-On Book Lights are available from BookMateStore in a rainbow of exclusive colors including Blue Moon, Eggplant, Silver Cloud and Black.

    There's one that will complement any book and personal taste, so choose yours today!

    This product is a quality imported product distributed as the "Mighty Bright"™, while all other BookMate products are manufactured in the USA.

    Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

    In addition to battery power, these Clip-on Book Lights may be powered by any widely available A/C adapter offering 5 or 6 volt D/C, 4 watt output and a 2.5mm male plug, or you may order the adapter below.

    Replacement bulbs, which are 4.8V 0.3A base flashlight bulbs, are also widely available locally or may be ordered from us as provided below.

    Folded flat for storage, these Clip-On Book Lights measure approximately 5-1/4" long X 1-3/4" high X 2-3/4" wide, with a 3-1/8" clip depth.

    When in use, the extended height is approximately 6-1/4".

    The individual light shipping box measures approximately 5-3/4" X 2-1/8" X 3".


The light comes in four colors (above and below):

Blue Moon,




Silver Cloud


and Black.


$12.45 (batteries not included).

Note to self: put BookMateStore webmaster on list of suitable recruits for a future opening on my crack research team.

cc: Shawn Lea.

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I think that you were too generous in giving free publicity to such a business. Some people need to lighten up. (And not with a dim book light)

It's not like you used the cartoon for profit. After reading that e-mail I would say that the Mighty Bright Clip on Light would be the light I buy when hell freezes over...at which point I doubt I will need it.

Did the webmaster draw the cartoon himself, or did they possibly rip it off someone else's site? Was there a copyright on the cartoon? That's what I want to know.

Posted by: Lisa | Jun 19, 2006 11:35:04 AM

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