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June 22, 2006

Who wants to run an ice cream truck this weekend?


Just in late yesterday afternoon, the following email:


    I am looking for an ice cream truck to work a weekend-long Verizon event in Arlington, Virginia this weekend — June 24/25. Would you be interested or know of someone who would be able to do it? The compensation would be well worth your while.

    Thank you!

    Janisa Rosenwasser

    Client Services Coordinator

    Pierce Promotions & Event Management

    123 Free St.

    Portland, ME 04101

    207-523-4018 Direct Line

    207-523-1700 Main Line

    207-761-4570 Fax Line




I forwarded the email to Shawn Lea, head of my crack research team, immediately after receiving it.

    Her response:

    OK, if running an ice cream truck for a weekend won't get you out of the house, I guess nothing will. Am I supposed to be finding someone to run said truck or were you just extending the employment offer my way?


I find the offer irresistible and if I had an ice cream truck I would most definitely contact Ms. Rosenwasser (beautiful name, isn't it? It means "rose water" in German) instanter to work out terms and conditions for my employment.


Alas — I do not have an ice cream truck.


You think Ms. Rosenwasser contacted me as a result of stumbling across my July 31, 2005 post about a real, live Good Humor man and truck that anyone can hire?

Perhaps the item earlier this month about the recent death of James Conway, co-founder of Mister Softee,


was what caused the penny to drop.

Who knows?

Maybe one of my readers does have a truck, though: if so, here's your big chance to break into the telco business.

I'll bet all the Verizon high and mighty will deign to descend from their corner offices to at least put in an appearance before retreating to their boats and the Eastern Shore.

In any event, I'll send this post on to Ms. Rosenwasser: she seems plenty capable of taking it the rest of the way and contacting the Good Humor truck people mentioned above to come to her corporate wing-ding.

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