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July 1, 2006

'Animated knot-tying for boating, climbing, fishing, scouting, search-and-rescue and arborists'


Tell us more.

Here's how to make a bowline knot (above).

Maybe they have a demonstration of proper shoelace tying — about time I learned, what?

Remember: "Knots weaken rope."

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Crayola Rainbow Writer



From the website:

    Crayola® Rainbow Writer

    Discover a fun new way to color with this way-cool dispenser that holds five Crayola crayons!

    Use all five colors at once or dispense them individually for added creativity.

    Set includes plastic dispenser, five Crayola crayons and built-in sharpener.

    Dispenser: 6"L x 1-1/2"W x 1-1/2"D.

    Ages 5 and up.


Hey — that means you!


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Baby Jesus Insurance Cancelled


Just in from Scotland, the news that a $1.8 million insurance policy taken out by three Scottish sisters in the event that one of them gave birth to Jesus on his second coming has been cancelled by their insurance company.

The policy was originally taken out in 2000 by the three Inverness, Scotland women, who were paying an annual premium of $180 apiece.

The British Insurance Company Ltd., responding to a telephone complaint by a Catholic woman, withdrew its coverage and refunded to the sisters the total of $3,240 they'd paid to date.

Here's the full story.

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Patio Umbrella LED Light


I don't know what it is about patio umbrellas this month but I'm a-twitter whenever I see yet another accessory to trick one out.

You will recall the mosquito net of June 3 and the strings of LED lights up under the umbrella itself on June 17; today's entry puts the light down at table level.

From the website:

    Umbrella Light Is Safer And More Reliable Than Candles

    Frosted alabaster dome lamp slips around the umbrella pole (at table level) to give you reliable lighting that won't flicker or go out with every breeze.

    Six LED lights offer just enough illumination to provide a warm glow for your dinner, but not so bright that it attracts flying insects.

    Uses three AA batteries (not included).

    9" diameter.



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iPod Subway Maps


Today's Washington Post Metro section front-page article by Mike Musgrove brings us the news that as of now the Washington, D.C. Metro has placed a map with its Fourth of July schedule and service changes online in a format compatible with the iPod Video, Photo and Nano.

The Metro map is at www.wmata.com/ipodmap.

There are 23 other subway system maps, spanning the globe and downloadable to compatible iPods, at www.ipodsubwaymaps.com.

Here's Musgrove's piece.

    Lost on the Metro? Whip Out Your IPod

    Downloadable July 4th Map Previews Things to Come, Transit Official Says

    Metro has a plan to help the confused, iPod-carrying tourist on Independence Day: The service has put a map with its Fourth of July schedule and service changes online, in a format intended for downloading and viewing on the popular digital music player.

    The file, which Metro has dubbed "The Revolutionary Map," is compatible with any color-screen iPod or Nano that lets users view photos or video.

    Metro riders will need to keep a number of holiday schedule changes in mind, whether they carry an iPod or not: The Smithsonian station will be closed, the Blue line will be truncated, and the Orange line will alternate between New Carrollton and Largo Town Center, just to name a few examples.

    Cathy Asato, a Metro spokeswoman, said she does not know how many times the map has been downloaded since it was posted on Tuesday. Metro usually gets fewer riders on the holiday; last Fourth of July, for example, there were 541,101, compared with about 700,000 on a typical weekday.

    The downloadable map is just one new tool that Metro is using to get information to riders about the service, she said. Metro also lets riders get service updates sent to their cell phones, and more iPod compatible maps are on the way this fall. "People have been asking for easier access to information on Metro," she said.

    Asato has not downloaded the map herself, alas: Her iPod is too old.

    Metro has been getting the word out about the map by giving local bloggers a heads up. One blog, Metroblogging DC, rated the map as "swank" though it also complained that "the fonts are jaggy and a bit hard to read."

    This is not the first time mass transit maps have appeared on Apple's popular music player. The San Francisco area's BART system, for example, has an iPod version of its maps online.

    A software designer in New York started scanning in and posting transit system guides on his site, http://www.ipodsubwaymaps.com/ , last year. The site now has 23 subway map files, on systems from Singapore to Salt Lake City.


Here's a link to a demo of the Washingon, D.C. Metro map iPod application.

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In-Car Grill — Bar-B-Q-to-go takes on a whole new meaning


What's this?

From the website:

    Travel 'N' Grill Portable Electric Grill Fires Up Using Your Car's Cigarette Lighter Or 12-Volt Socket

    Now there's no reason to go without barbeque!

    Travel 'N' Grill is great for boating or road trips, game day, camping or a roadside picnic.

    Just plug it into your car's lighter or 12-volt socket; within minutes you can be be enjoying a meal or grilled burgers or chicken!

    Grill has top and bottom heated grilling surfaces that will thoroughly cook the thickest steak.

    Sloped design drains fat and channels it to drain; drip tray removes for easy cleaning.

    Cooking surface measures 8-1/2" x 4-3/4"; 9-foot cord.


I guess it's legal but I'll tell you what: if I see someone alone in a car alongside me and smell bratwurst cooking out their open window at 70 mph, I'm outa there.


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thistothat.com — 'Find the glue that's right for you'


It is what it says.


"Because people have a need to glue things to other things."

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Mini Pet Tracker: Find Fido at night — up to a half-mile away


Let's face it: dogs and cats — like people — tend to wander.

But not all who wander are lost.

From the website:

    Mini Pet Tracker

    Up to 1/2 mile visibility

    Long-life batteries included

    Waterproof and submersible

    Constructed of an indestructible resin

    Will not interfere with your pet's vision

    Uses two 1.5 volt, type 357 batteries (included)

    Fits any collar size, using the clip or breakaway safety ring

    Interior is O-ring sealed, making it totally water-submersible

    Provides up to 130 hours of continuous use between battery replacements


Let's see: 24 into 130 = 5 days and 10 hours.

Doesn't seem very practical, does it?

I mean, having to buy and put in new batteries every five days will get old real fast — like in about five days.

Now, if it automatically went on at dusk or in the dark, that would at least double the battery life but even two weeks is not enough to make it truly useful.

I see this little light as having more utility as a human key chain add-on than in the animal space.

You just never know when you'll need a flashing red light.



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