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July 5, 2006

BehindTheMedspeak: Dr. Gary Small can help you remember things


Stuff like your name, and why you were put here.

See — I know you've forgotten at least one of the two; if you're a regular reader odds are you've lost track of both.

No matter.

Dr. Small, director of the UCLA Center on Aging (Go Bruins! — sorry, but I can never resist a shout-out to the old alma mater), is the real deal, as opposed to the touts who fill full-page newspaper ads with their cures and potions to keep you — and what's left of your mind — young and vital.

Scientific American magazine named him one of the world's top 50 innovators in science and technology.

Tell you what, that's some fast company.

I found out about him through an article by Dan Gordon in my just-received (July) issue of the UCLA magazine.

Wrote Gordon, "His center's memory training course — a five-week session adapted from Small's research and taught by volunteers — was originally intended for seniors but was quickly crashed by baby boomers, younger adults and even teens."

From a summary of Dr. Small's book, "The Memory Bible" (top):

    We all forget things sometimes — our keys, a phone number, the reason we went to the market — and it only increases as we age.

    According to Dr. Gary Small, director of the UCLA Center on Aging, we can easily eliminate much of this forgetfulness with his innovative memory exercises and brain fitness program — now available for the first time in a book.

    Based on Dr. Small's recent scientific discoveries, The Memory Bible can immediately improve your mental performance.

    And by understanding the newest research on how food, medicines, exercise, alcohol, stress, and many other lifestyle choices directly affect the aging of our brains, we can begin to make more informed decisions to prevent memory loss and keep our brains young.

    One of Dr. Small's pioneering strategies is LOOK, SNAP, CONNECT.

    If practiced on a daily basis, these steps will improve your memory in a short time.

    1. LOOK: actively observe what you want to learn

    2. SNAP: create a vivid mental snap-shot and memorable image

    3. CONNECT: visualize a link to associate images



The book's on sale at Amazon, reduced from $16.95 to $5.99.

If only I could remember where I put my computer.

Wait a minute....

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See-Through Bird House



Remember the ant farm you had when you were a kid?

This takes it to the next dimension.

From the website:

    Nest View

    The whole family will enjoy the fascinating glimpse of bird life possible with Nest View.

    This see-through bird house mounts directly to a window of your home, so kids can watch a family of birds build a nest, feed their young, maybe even witness a fledgling's first flight!

    4"sq. x 8"H size is ideal for nuthatches, chickadees, wrens, and other common species.

    All ages.


I must say that when I first saw the picture I thought it was a Joseph Cornell box that had somehow slipped through a catalog wormhole.


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MorphWorld: Brooke Hogan into Cameron Diaz


It just hit me while I was watching the new video of Ms. Hogan's first single, "About Us," on VH1.

Ms. Hogan is pictured above, Ms. Diaz below.


I haven't any idea whether the song itself is any good or not 'cause I watch VH1 MOS (mit out sound).

Every day VH1 shows hours of "Hogan Knows Best" so I'm quiet familiar with the goings-on of the Hogan family, Ms. Hogan's hip hop dance lessons and all, repeated ad infinitum.

But I had no idea she was actually making a real album and all from the silent version of the TV show — there's only so much you can absorb from a TV picture while you're walking along on your treadmill, listening to "The Who Sells Out" at volume 10/10 and creating bookofjoe.


I used to think Cameron Diaz's nose was the result of plastic surgery gone bad until I had the crack research team dig up some childhood


photos in which her wonderfully misshapen


schnozzola (below, at age 16 in 1988)


is identical to today's.

FunFact: Cameron Diaz was a cheerleader


back in the day.

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Got a screw loose? Fix it — with a Screw Hole Repair Strip™


From the website:

    Screw Hole Repair Strips

    Don't bother with temporary fixes: repair stripped screw holes easily and permanently.

    Stripped, worn out screw holes are often problems in wood, plastic or metal.

    Instead of trying to work a shim in there, insert this 3/4" x 2" metal strip into the hole, then drive the screw in — 100's of teeth bite like new!

    May be unscrewed.

32 strips for $7.99.

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Quiet American — 'One-minute recordings of somewhere, somewhen'


"Surely you can spare a minute to clean your ears? Take a one-minute vacation from the life you are living."

Previously featured on December 15, 2004 — but that was then and this is now.

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Finger Nose Hair Trimmer


Res ipsa loquitur.

From the website:

    'Finger' Nose Hair Trimmer — Everyone's "pick" to remove unsightly nasal hair!

    Humorous finger-shaped, cordless electric trimmer quickly and safely grooms delicate nose and ear area without nicks or cuts.

    Has on/off switch and sure-grip handle.

    Uses 1 AA battery (not included).

    Includes safety blade cover.

    5" L.



If it's any consolation to you, I slept on this last evening before deciding this morning to throw it up here.

As it were.


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mooghotel: 'World's most exclusive' — It accomodates one guest


It's located at 413 Bourke Street in the Surry Hills area of Sydney, Australia.

You'll delight in having no noisy neighbors in the rooms to the sides, above and below — because there are none.

Up top, the view from the bedroom into the bath.

Below, the pool.


The accomodations include a recording studio, with a music producer "available on request."


More here.

I like that private gym with the treadmill and plasma screen (below) —


some quality blogging time when the bookofjoe World Tour™ hits Sydney, that's for sure.

I mean, where else would I stay?

As if.


A$990 ($729 USD) per night.

Make a reservation by calling 1300 554 330, or email: info@mooghotel.com.

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3-Foot Tall Solar-Powered Night-Illuminated Yard Thermometer


By day it's your typical three-foot-tall outdoor thermometer (below).


At night, though (top), is when it shines — literally.

From the website:

    3-Foot Solar-Powered Illuminated Yard Thermometer

    This giant-sized yard thermometer has an oversized mercury-free column and Fahrenheit numbers that are easy to read from up to 30' away.

    It also has five built-in LEDs to illuminate the column at night for maximum visibility at any time.

    The lights are powered by a top-mounted solar panel that collects energy during the day, storing it in a battery that activates the LEDs at dusk and providing up to eight hours of illumination before requiring a recharge.

    The thermometer also has a scale to measure snow accumulation up to 3' deep.

    Stainless-steel frame resists the elements for years of reliable use.

    Thermometer measures a range from 30ºF to 130ºF.

    Stakes into the ground with a built-in spike.

    42"H with stake.

    8-1/2" Diam.

    Weighs 5-1/2 lbs.


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