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July 14, 2006

My cat Humphrey struts his stuff on my treadmill

Because why should people have all the fun?

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Emissions Test Passing For Dummies — 'You'll pass your test or your money back... guaranteed!'


That's right: if your car fails its emissions test after using this stuff, I will refund every penny you paid for it.

Wait a minute....


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Sensational Logo


Absolut perfection.

I love it.

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Einstein Lip Balm


Relatively cheap at $6.

[via Dev's Lab]

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Dead Slow


I first saw this phrase on traffic signs (below)


last century when I was in England and instantly was smitten.

It's perfect.

Preparing this post just now and looking for a picture I happened on the one up top, perhaps a legacy from colonial days in Hong Kong.

Sure hope it's Chinese and not Japanese; hard to believe I spent my junior year of college in Tokyo and now can't say.

More pathetic than unbelievable, in truth.

But hey — let's not be haters.

Whenever I'm in parking lots I think to myself, "Dead Slow, Dead Slow," and I cannot begin to estimate how many accidents I've avoided by backing up so slowly that even if I were to hit someone I wouldn't hurt them.

That's my working definition of "Dead Slow."

Try it – you'll like it.

Or I will refund every penny you paid for this advice.

Which is roughly three times what it's worth.

But hey, the steep markup is just the nature of capitalism: a guy's gotta make a living, what?

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bookofjoe suddenly huge in Japan


Just now I checked the state of the blog to see what went on while I was sleeping.

The pie chart (above) with the current geographical distribution of my readership looks way strange.

Well over one-third are looking on from Japan.

Why would that be?

I asked my crack research team to investigate.

They learned that a Japanese website called gigazine.net


is responsible.

Gigazine today linked to my January 21, 2006 post about Ian's Shoelace Site: "Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces."


So there you have it in a nutshell.

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Canon 3-D Papercraft — 'Enjoy the science and culture of the world right from your own Bubble Jet Printer!'


Hey, that sounds like fun: tell us more.

From the website:

    3-D Papercraft

    Nearly everyone has made paper airplanes or tried origami when they were children.

    Take these memories further when you download dozens of 3-D Papercraft projects for free.


We like free.

[via Dick Partos]

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From the archives: Magnet Tape


A blast from the past but that doesn't make it one bit less useful.

From the website:

    Magnet tape

    Magnet tape instantly creates a magnetic backing on photos, mementos, shopping lists, notepads and more!

    Now you can make anything "stick" with this revolutionary flexible, magnetized adhesive tape that comes in its own easy-to-use roll dispenser.

    Reusable tape won't leave marks; adheres to refrigerator, cabinets and other metal surfaces.

    Approximately 30 ft. roll of 3/4"W tape.



Bonus: 20% price drop since I featured it here last summer; now $7.98.

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