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July 27, 2006



Perhaps you like the idea of networking your home computer in a project aimed at the greater good but simply can't get behind the excitement others find in the search for extraterrestrials while you sleep.

I feel your disdain.

For people who'd prefer to keep it more real and right here on Earth, there's Africa@home.

Long story — from the July 13 Economist — short: "[It] is a collaboration between the Swiss Tropical Institute, CERN (a big particle-physics laboratory also based in Switzerland), and a group of universities, including three from Africa. Its aim is to develop a long-term model of malaria epidemiology, which it can use to test different ways of combating the disease."

The project recently began accepting 2,000 volunteers: apply within.

Not to worry if they fill up —


we come in peace for all mankind.

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