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July 24, 2006

Catch-A-Call — 'Stay online with a dial-up modem and one phone line'


Not everyone has — or wants — high-speed internet.

But the problem's always been that if you've only got one phone line, people calling while you're online get a busy signal.

Not if you've got this nifty device.


From the website:


    Always get the call — even when you're on the web!

    The easiest way for your phone, PC and fax to share one line!

    Using call waiting from your phone company, Catch-A-Call monitors your phone line for incoming calls.

    Does your PC share a line with a fax machine?

    No problem!

    Catch-A-Call lets you stay on line and receive the fax or phone call at the same time!

    Intuitive, easy-to-use design features Plug-'n-Play operation and works with any computer, operating system and phone line.

    No software required.

    4" x 3" x 1".




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