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July 25, 2006



Say what?

From the website:


    This unique tool's chopping blade breaks ground meat into pieces that cook faster and more uniformly, helping speed cooking time!

    Great for stirring soups and casseroles too.

    Plastic blade won't scratch non-stick cookware.


    10"L x 3"Dia.


Until such time as Flutist Haynes-not-Hayens weighs in with her unique take on this singular object, let me offer a few of my own alternative product name suggestions:

• StirBoy

• MeatMaster

• GrindWand


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Actually, I think this is a dandy little object. When I throw a big frozen block of ground chuck in a pan to cook up one of the three things I know how to "cook" it's good to have something to bust it up with. Let's see, I can make you some fried rice (excellent, really, and guaranteed to keep you regular) or some Mongolian beef, or some beef stroganoff. Oh, and I can make you a Mint Julep to go with your "meal." Mmmmm, Mongolian beef with a Mint Julep chaser, don't that sound goooood? I've never been afraid to blaze new trails in food combining.

The term "GrindWand" has just given me one of the maybe five top laughs in my life. I became limp and fell about, peed my pants, teared up and wheezed. I mean, GrindWand! Oh, the uses! Meat choppers, dental drills, penile implants! And I keep using exclamation points and can't stop!

Posted by: Flutist | Jul 25, 2006 1:10:35 PM

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