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July 29, 2006

Experts' Expert: Eric Felten on the very best ice cubes in the world


Felten writes the "How's Your Drink?" column appearing every Saturday in the Wall Street Journal's Pursuits section.

In today's he waxed eloquent on ice cubes, their history and best use.

    His final paragraph:

    But now we take ice's quality for granted, and our drinks suffer for it. We almost always chill our drinks at home with ice cranked out by the restless little machine in the freezer. By and large, these are neither cubes nor lumps, but ugly, stubby crescents. That just won't do. Happily, one can still buy ice trays, and at Sur la Table you can get chic silicone trays made by Tovolo that produce big, beautiful square-sided cubes. What a rich, satisfying sound they make rattling in a glass, and how perfectly they chill the drink. Yes, making your cubes in trays takes a little effort, but so did sailing ice from Boston to Calcutta.


You can have the very same Tovolo ice cube trays (pictured up top) lovingly described by Felten.

Two trays, each producing 15 ice cubes, in Blue, Pink or Red are $9.95.

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I have four of a six-set of aluminum glasses -- tall tumblers -- from my family circa 1965. Perfect containers for such cubical-ices, and chilly on the lips (in a good way).

Posted by: Mb | Jul 30, 2006 9:48:36 AM

After reading an article in the New Yorker about ice about five years ago, I've never looked at it the same way. The piece was fascinating, centering mostly around one of the head guys at Reddy Ice. I have since learned the difference between young and aged (frozen 48 hours) ice and the importance of their differences in a decent cocktail. But it wasn't until I found these ice cube trays that I discovered the truly perfect cube. Though I'm not a WSJ subscriber, from this excerpt I agree whole heartedly with this man. I have used icemakers, plastic trays, plastic trays with lids (to keep out odors supposedly), the bottle kind you fill and then place on its side. NOTHING compares to these beauties, which make perfect cubes. You can also get them at Bed Bath and Beyond. And yes, they do break my double walled Bodum glasses on a regular basis (7 left).

Posted by: jennie | Jul 30, 2006 12:03:28 AM

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