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July 25, 2006

C-Ice Marijuana Tea — Now Legal in Britain


No joke.

You can stroll into any English health food store as of today and spring for a container of C-Ice Swiss Cannibis Ice Tea.

It will cost you £1.29 ($2.38).

It's packed in a bright orange carton and contains cannabis sativa syrup, water, sugar, lemon juice, lemon flavoring, black tea extract and ascorbic acid.

According to a June 26 article on breitbart.com, "the beverage contains 5% hemp flower syrup and a tiny (0.0015%) quantity of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana."

The manufacturer approached the British Home Office to make certain the cannabis syrup in its drink was below illegal levels, and once that was confirmed there were no other regulatory hoops or hurdles to contend with.

The tea, launched in Switzerland in 2003 by Thurella, already sells some two million cartons a year.

It's a fixture in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Predictably, British anti-drug campaigners have their baggies in a twist, saying that the tea will lead to a needle park endgame.

Don't look for C-Ice Tea anytime before 2050 in the U.S., would be my prediction; if you want to try it, you'll just have to get on a plane, won't you?

As if.

I must say that 0.0015% — which equals 1.5 parts per 100,000 — would barely even cut it in homeopathic circles, it's so dilute.

In case you were wondering how much you'd have to drink etc. etc.

Long story short: you'll be dead from hyponatremia long before you feel anything.

More, including a consumer review, here.

[via Jenny Wiggins and the Financial Times]

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"I must say that 0.0015% — which equals 1.5 parts per 100,000 — would barely even cut it in homeopathic circles, it's so dilute." Ah, well, that's where it's so clever. Realising that the sort of people who buy from health food shops probably believe in homeopathy they're hoping people like you will do their marketing for them!

Posted by: Skipweasel | Jul 25, 2006 6:04:16 PM

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