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July 1, 2006

In-Car Grill — Bar-B-Q-to-go takes on a whole new meaning


What's this?

From the website:

    Travel 'N' Grill Portable Electric Grill Fires Up Using Your Car's Cigarette Lighter Or 12-Volt Socket

    Now there's no reason to go without barbeque!

    Travel 'N' Grill is great for boating or road trips, game day, camping or a roadside picnic.

    Just plug it into your car's lighter or 12-volt socket; within minutes you can be be enjoying a meal or grilled burgers or chicken!

    Grill has top and bottom heated grilling surfaces that will thoroughly cook the thickest steak.

    Sloped design drains fat and channels it to drain; drip tray removes for easy cleaning.

    Cooking surface measures 8-1/2" x 4-3/4"; 9-foot cord.


I guess it's legal but I'll tell you what: if I see someone alone in a car alongside me and smell bratwurst cooking out their open window at 70 mph, I'm outa there.


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All I can say is too funny.....Thanks for the goodmorning giggles Flutist....=))

Since I had to comment on the real or imagined blog...I do think this has to be someone's wild imagination gone way crazy??? Poor babies sitting in the backseat with the burned fingers now. Think I will pass on this one.

Posted by: Rhonda | Jul 3, 2006 11:28:37 AM

And I'm right behind you. Damn. If I got a sudden desperate craving for some barbecue while driving my car I believe I'd detour to the Flying Hog or someplace and get me a pork plate. And what's gonna stop the drippings from catching on fire? Not to mention greasing up the leather in your El Dorado? Drip tray removes for easy cleaning? What do you do, just hand it over, sizzling, to one of the screaming 6-year-olds in the back seat then everybody take a little cool-off ride to the local ER? And anyway, barbecue's no good without brunswick stew and cornbread, so there must be a companion plug-in oven and hot plate. Lord have mercy! Hep me! Hep me!

Posted by: Flutist | Jul 1, 2006 2:05:54 PM

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