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July 24, 2006

MorphWorld Kitchen Hack: Office Shredder into Pasta Machine


MorphWorld isn't just for people any more.

Now comes Food Network chef Alton Brown, in the wonderfully informative free 44-page pullout that comes with the new (August) issue of Wired magazine, with simple directions for turning an ordinary paper shredder into a fresh pasta dispenser.

For best results, he recommends one made by Fellowes that can mince credit cards and CDs.

Just follow these six steps, exactly as related in Wired:

1) Clean your shredder — even if it's new, you have no idea how long it sat gathering dust (or worse) at Office Depot.

2) Ditch the paper-catching bin below it — you'll want room to work with your pasta.

3) Now disable the receptacle sensor so the machine still functions — you can do this with anything but your finger. (Brown suggests duct tape).

4) Turn the machine on — as the mechanism churns, coat it with nonstick cooking spray.

5) Run pasta through — your sheet of dough should be no wider than the paper feed. The length is up to you.

6) Catch the noodles — do this as they come out, so they don't pile up and stick to themselves.

Do not try this at the office unless you intend to stop working there in the very near future.

After several hours of drilling down online, my crack research team reports that the Fellowes model OD-1200 High-Performance Personal Strip-Cut Shredder (above and below),


$84.99 at the Office Depot website, appears to be the right tool for the job.

Now where's that clam sauce....

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Hey! A bit of synchronicity here! I just bought one of these new Fellows Strip Cutters to replace a cheap one that stopped shredding on half the page. Slightly upgraded from these as it has the CD Shredder seperate from the main cutters -- which was a necessity after spending two weeks going through our data retention policies and realizing I had years of backup on optical media. And having bought a bag of Past'r flour from the local SupaTarget last week only to find I don't know what happened to the handle to my pastamaker.

My first thought was to pick up the motor attachment for the device -- it is only around $80 or to pick up a replacement handle for $5. And now Joey comes to the rescue with a reason not to pick up either. I'm chucking that Imperia and moving up to the Fellows.

One note: The strip cutter will give you about 4 or 5 inches of paper before it does a cross cut. Not long enough for spaghetti. Not really sure what type of pasta is designed to be in a short flat ribbon format...who cares, it probably tastes wonderful cooked up with a simple bath of seasalt and shredder-oil. Mmmmm....Shredder Oil!

Posted by: clifyt | Jul 24, 2006 12:00:37 PM

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