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July 24, 2006



Just up, the website of the man who appears to be — by a large margin, painful as the news might be to his journalist peers — the youngest regular columnist of the august Financial Times.


He's pictured above in his corner office, suitable digs — for the time being, at least — for a man who has ascended the ladder in record time.

How did that happen?

As best I can tell, his performance as a fill-in for a regular a while back prompted enough reader responses to then-editor Andrew Gowers that Gowers bestowed upon Sanghera the coveted Friday "Inside Business" slot, which features a look at some business or practice or suchlike as a platform for the columnist to wax eloquent and — hopefully — side-splittingly funny so as to make Friday pass that much more quickly and painlessly.


I was one of those who emailed Gowers back in the day saying hey, hire this guy, he's good.

And lo and behold now Sanghera's a regular.

Just 29 years old, too.

Precocious lad, what?

But wait — there's more.

Turns out that among the 15 sites on his links page (below) appears one blog: mine.


Be still, my heart.

I'm lovin' it.

Sanghera's website design is excellent: fast, simple, easy to navigate and read.

You could do far worse than hire the company he used — The Web Kitchen — to do yours.

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