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July 27, 2006

Sesame Seed Toaster


Some years ago a girlfriend told me to toast my sesame seeds in the toaster oven to enhance their aroma and flavor.

Like most things she said, this proved to be true.

Now comes Williams-Sonoma with a specialized implement to produce the same result.

From the website:

    Sesame Seed & Spice Toaster

    This tool offers an easy way to toast whole spices and sesame seeds, which will bring out their full flavor and aroma.

    Designed with a bamboo handle for holding over an open flame, the stainless-steel mesh basket has a latch opening.

    4-1/4" diam. x 13" long.



Florence Fabricant wrote about this tool in her "Food Stuff" feature in yesterday's New York Times Dining In section, as follows:

    A New Take On Toasting Spices

    Toasting whole spices like cumin seeds, mustard seeds and sesame seeds to bring out aromas and flavors is essential in a number of cuisines, notably Indian and Mexican. The usual method is to toss the seeds in a pan over heat and to expect that some will dance about willy-nilly and pop out of the pan, littering the stove and floor. But they can be tamed in this stainless steel mesh gadget with a secure lid and a heatproof bamboo handle.


$14 (seeds/spices not included).

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