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July 24, 2006

SoapRocks — 'Fine soap in the form and color of rocks and gems'


Though they look just like stone they're actually glycerine soaps.

They were invented by conceptual artist Todd Pink, who one day happened to look at a bunch of soap scraps in his bathtub and decided to see what would happen if he squashed them all together into one big glob of soap that resembled a rock.

Seven years later, combining a lot of time and energy together with his background in art, geology and chemistry, SoapRocks were born.

A 6 oz. bar of any of 22 varieties, from amber citrine to watermelon tourmaline, costs $14.95 on Todd Pink's website.

Interestingly enough, the very same soaps are available here for half that price.

That's different: usually resellers charge more than the artisan or creator of a product.


Strange world.

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